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<ol><li> 1. </li><li> 2. You can prepare a post and schedule it to appear later by adding a date and time in the future before you post it. You can schedule a post up to 6 months in advance in 10-minute intervals. </li><li> 3. Lets get started You can post a status update, a photo, a video, an offer or an event. </li><li> 4. </li><li> 5. Select an image file on your computer. </li><li> 6. After you chose the TYPE OF POST , </li><li> 7. </li><li> 8. </li><li> 9. </li><li> 10. </li><li> 11. </li><li> 12. </li><li> 13. Reference: Facebook Help Center Website: Email: Mobile #:639434230629 </li></ol>