How to use Postcron to schedule your posts on social media

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<p>How to use Postcron to schedule your posts in social media</p> <p>How to use Postcron to schedule your posts on social media</p> <p>Log in to Postcron</p> <p>Add the social media accounts you want to manage</p> <p>Select the account to start scheduling your post</p> <p>You can select one account</p> <p>Or multiple accounts</p> <p>To post a schedule with text</p> <p>Type the text of your post here</p> <p>Click Schedule</p> <p>Choose the date of your post</p> <p>Choose the time</p> <p>Then click Done</p> <p>Scroll down to review your scheduled post</p> <p>Click Future Posts</p> <p>Heres the scheduled post weve just created</p> <p>It also shows which account it has been scheduled to</p> <p>Your post will automatically appear on the date and time youve chosen</p> <p>To create a post with an image</p> <p>Click Add Photos</p> <p>Select the photo you want to add</p> <p>Click Open</p> <p>Image is uploaded</p> <p>You can also add text</p> <p>Click this arrow</p> <p>You can choose if you want to Post Now</p> <p>Schedule your post</p> <p>Or select Predefined Publishing Times</p> <p>To post a link</p> <p>Type the URL of the link</p> <p>Postcron will automatically search the information from that link</p> <p>It will show you the images associated with the link</p> <p>You can change the photo by clicking the arrows</p> <p>Heres the link title</p> <p>And description of the link</p> <p>You can also add text on this post</p> <p>Choose from these options how you want to post</p> <p>Lets choose Predefined Publishing Times</p> <p>Your post will be scheduled automatically</p> <p>Scroll down to review if the scheduled post is correct</p> <p>To edit the post</p> <p>Click the text</p> <p>Edit the text</p> <p>Its successfully edited</p> <p>You can delete the post here</p> <p>You can also change the link title</p> <p>Or change the description</p> <p>You can even delete the image</p> <p>Click Remove</p> <p>Image is removed</p> <p>You can also upload a new image here</p> <p>Great! Now you can start scheduling your posts using Postcron</p> <p>Action is the foundational key to all success.- PABLO PICASSO</p>