how to use postcron to schedule your posts on social media

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How to use Postcron to schedule your posts in social media

How to use Postcron to schedule your posts on social media

Log in to Postcron

Add the social media accounts you want to manage

Select the account to start scheduling your post

You can select one account

Or multiple accounts

To post a schedule with text

Type the text of your post here

Click Schedule

Choose the date of your post

Choose the time

Then click Done

Scroll down to review your scheduled post

Click Future Posts

Heres the scheduled post weve just created

It also shows which account it has been scheduled to

Your post will automatically appear on the date and time youve chosen

To create a post with an image

Click Add Photos

Select the photo you want to add

Click Open

Image is uploaded

You can also add text

Click this arrow

You can choose if you want to Post Now

Schedule your post

Or select Predefined Publishing Times

To post a link

Type the URL of the link

Postcron will automatically search the information from that link

It will show you the images associated with the link

You can change the photo by clicking the arrows

Heres the link title

And description of the link

You can also add text on this post

Choose from these options how you want to post

Lets choose Predefined Publishing Times

Your post will be scheduled automatically

Scroll down to review if the scheduled post is correct

To edit the post

Click the text

Edit the text

Its successfully edited

You can delete the post here

You can also change the link title

Or change the description

You can even delete the image

Click Remove

Image is removed

You can also upload a new image here

Great! Now you can start scheduling your posts using Postcron

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