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One hour live call-in radio show targeted at small businesses with hosts Coaches Jim and Marsha Walker Eastwood


  • 2. Together Again Radio QUALITY, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCECommitted to achieving high standards for their broadcasts, Jim and MarshaWalker Eastwood are passionate about meeting the evolving standards ininternet radio broadcasting.Together Again Radio has worked hard to develop and implement a widerange of best practices that best serves the needs of both the business and thegeneral community. It is their goal to advance the reflection and promotionof goods and services made in America as well as those from the globalcommunity; to provide an open exchange of ideas and opinions on topicalissues; and to inform, educate, inspire and entertain their listening audiencewithout compromising integrity and always striving for excellence.
  • 3. What started as a hobby making soaps for our eight children to use rather than harsh chemical- laden soap and bath products, has turned into a national business for us. Our website,, and the stores carrying our Goat Milk Stuff products have seenP. J. Jonas . a surge of consumer interest in our homemade, natural goat milk products, she said. PJ and her husband, Jim, run the family business with the support of their eight children, aged 3 to 13. Each of the children does chores related to the business as a way to earn money, learn about entrepreneurship, and help the family.
  • 4. From best-selling author Aimee Elizabeth: I was a broke and homeless teenage girl, a throwaway kid at age fifteen. I was never in foster care, never received any government or charitable assistance, nor any money from family or friends. I was constantly malnourished and barely managed to finishAimee Elizabeth high school. By the time I was twenty, IEntrepreneur, figured out I could never earn what I wasInvestor, Author knew I was worth by working for others, so I& BusinessConsultant started my first business on a shoestring budget. I started three more businesses before I sold off and retired at age thirty-eight. I am now a multi-millionaire, successful real estate investor, business consultant, guest speaker and best selling author of the book Poverty Sucks! How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire.
  • 5. Lambkin Walters Lavender PublishingNew release July 20, 2012 The Crumb Snatcher by author Deana Walters
  • 6. The Lessons from Las Vegas Guide will help you develop a Plan to play successful poker, and learn the strategies that only the Poker Pros use to WIN. Discipline and Patience are two attributes one must learn on their own. The Lessons from Las Vegas Guide will help you develop a Plan to play successful poker, specifically, Texas Holdem. Without these attributes, poker players will take advantage of you and in poker terms, you will be considered as a "fish" in the game of Texas Holdem.Tony Gambone
  • 7. Eco-friendly 100% all natural biodegradable fresheners for cars, shoes, living spacesat home and away and pet areas. 440-941-3820
  • 8. For advertising rates pleasecontact EastWalk Media at or call 216-485-2831
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