How to Make Your Business Irresistible Online and Offline (Part 1)

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Post on 07-Jan-2017




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  • Noland Hoshino, High Five Media

    Seanette Corkill, Frontdoor Back

  • journey

  • shoppers journey

    Search Social Go!

    Awareness Discovery Research Action

    Discover Reviews

  • search

  • search





  • name


    what is more important?

  • the best place to

    hide a dead body

    is page 2 of

    Google results

  • biz name vs phrase

    Aevum Images

    Google: 1stBing: 1stYahoo: 1stDuck Duck Go: 1st

    Search for the phrase

    Vancouver wa


    Google: 13thBing: 27thYahoo: not in top 50Duck Duck Go: 22nd

    Search for the phrase

    photography in

    Vancouver wa

    Google: 11thBing: 30thYahoo: Not in top 50Duck Duck Go: 31

    Aevum Images



  • discover

  • design is not just

    what it looks like,

    and feels like.

    design is how it

    works - Steve Jobs

  • does your visitors

    to your website

    do what you want

    them to do?

  • website design tips

    Home page with a purpose

    Make it mobile friendly

  • test your website

  • website design tips

    Home page with a purpose

    Make it mobile friendly

    Your about page is about them

    Easy breezy way to contact you

    Email opt-in



  • content is king,

    but distribution is

    queen and she

    wears the pants

  • social

  • social media may

    be free, but think

    about the value

    of your time!

  • SMO (social media


    Use a number of social media outlets and

    communities to generate publicity to increase

    awareness of a product, brand or event

  • social media optimization

    Strengthen your brand

    Generate leads

    Get more visibility online

    Connect with your audience

    Content sharable on social networks

  • SMO questions

    How do I bring social media audiences to my website?

    How can I leverage my social media followers to be evangelists for my

    product or service?

    How can I optimize my websites social features?

  • Vancouver Example

  • Follow me?



  • Yes! I will follow you

  • still not convinced?

    Google your business

  • SMO tips

    Create shareable content

    Make sharing easy

    Reward engagement

    Make your content unique, engaging and different

    Engage with influencers

  • reviews

  • if you believe the

    good reviews you

    have to believe

    the bad ones too

  • stay calm

    and cool down

  • How to respond to reviews

    Read the review carefully

    Research the issue

    Research the writer

    Start with an apology

    Explain the issue

    Know your audience

    Monitor your reputation

  • set triggers

    & act fast

  • Common concerns

    No digital marketing strategy

    No structure or routine

    No goals or end game

    Too busy. Not enough time

    Lack of expertise

    Mixed branding messages

    Social media not sync with brand

    No content marketing strategy

  • do SMO today, SMO

    tomorrow, and SMO

    the next day

    - Noland Hoshino