How to Make Your Business Irresistible Online and Offline (Part 2)

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Post on 12-Apr-2017




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  • Noland Hoshino, High Five Media

    Seanette Corkill, Frontdoor Back

  • 4 local case studies

    Aevum Images

    Loowit Brewing

    Lucky Loans

    Beige Blond

  • strategy



  • marketing



  • persona



  • digital shoppers journey


    SeedResearchSearch Decide Go!

  • most peoples

    first interaction

    with your

    business will be

    on social media

  • There are 2 search

    engines you have to

    optimize for:

    The search function within each social


    Google search

  • search

    Loowit Brewing

  • search phrases & key words

    What 3 things do you want people to know about your business?

    KEYWORDS: What 3 keywords define your business?

    SEARCH PHRASES: What search phrase would you use to find your



  • identify #hashtags

    Hashtags are a way to categorize content

  • tagboard

  • facebook bios

    If you want your page to come up in Google search for a keyword, that keyword needs to be in your pages name and About Us. To come up in Facebook search, that keyword needs to be in your pages subcategory.

  • twitter bios

    If you want your Twitter profile to come up in Google search for a keyword, that keyword needs to be in your profile name or username. Google uses the meta description of your latest tweet.

  • instagram bios

    Instagram profiles, Google uses the profile name, username and bio in search results. Profiles with a specific keyword in the name rank best in search on Google and in the Instagram app.

  • linkedin bios

    If you want your company page to come up in Google or LinkedIn search for a keyword, that keyword needs to be in your company page name. For personal account, keywords should be in your description header.

  • breathe

  • social media posting strategy





  • create

    content farming



  • create key messages

    Create 3 key messages that you want

    your audience to know. Use the

    keywords for increased search engine

    optimization. Stick to them.

    Message #1

  • create content calendar

    Month Title/Description Type of Content Social Platform


    Target Audience Keywords Due Date Publish Date

  • facebook content calendar


  • social media posting strategy





  • ideal frequency

    Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest

    3 x per week 3 x per week 5 x per week 5 x per day

    10 x per week 10 x per week None 10 x per day



  • perfect timing

    Your peak times


    Peak times for sharing your

    contents on Facebook is during

    the day when you wake up,

    when youre doing dinner and

    before going to bed.

  • perfect timing

    Your peak times


    Instagram is good for sharing

    appealing images and best

    suitable for getting more traffic

    from images to your blog posts

    or web pages. The ideal time to

    post is at 5 p.m. EST on


  • perfect timing

    Your peak times


    Peak time is Mondays

    Thursdays between 9 am to 3

    pm. Worst time to tweet is

    everyday after 8 pm and Fridays

    after 3 pm.

  • facebook content schedule


    Inspirational Quotes

    Photos showing off products and services

    Photos giving fans a glimpse behind-the-scenes

    Guides & whitepapers

    Cover photos summarizing products & services

    Sharing news about business partners

    Posts about legislation that affects the industry

    Highlight your latest projects

    Pictures of events

    Announce employees who are also Facebook fans

    Post about universal events

    Run a survey about your industry

    Announce partnerships

    Share infographics

    Use photos to convey industry statistics

    Post research and ask fans about it

    Humorous pictures

    Show off new products for feedback

    Share customer testimonials

    Let fans know what clients are doing

    Announce events

    Post helpful news articles & tips

    Share your email newsletters

    Offer a trial demo to fans

    What topost?

    Date Time Type of Content Title/Description

    Circle your social prime time: 5AM 6AM 7AM 8AM 9AM 10AM 11AM 12PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM

  • breathe

  • daily tasks

    Respond to inbound social messages (Hootsuite)

    Monitor #hashtags and keyword(s) conversations (Hootsuite)

    Monitor competition (Hootsuite)

    Create messages and load your social editorial calendar

    Facebook post

    Twitter post

    Instagram post

    Schedule posts on social media platforms

    Acknowledge post comments (Hootsuite)

    Facebook Reply to comment, LIKE comment

    Twitter @ Reply to tweet, favorite tweet, or retweet

    Instagram @ reply comment

  • weekly tasks

    Engage with thought leaders (Hootsuite)

    Engage with business industry (Hootsuite)

    Review social media analytics

    Collect content for following weeks posts

    Look for social media influencers in your niche

    Create lists / Add to list of your favorite businesses on social media

    Follow industry leaders and businesses

  • monthly tasks

    Update your social media platform cover/header

    Audit, review and adjust digital marketing strategy

    Assess key performance indicators

    Collaborate with other businesses

    Gauge your capacity and needs

  • breathe

  • corporations are

    not people.

  • personal facebook acct

  • facebook page

  • Follow me?



  • Yes! I will follow you

  • set triggers

  • SMO (social media


    Use a number of social media outlets and

    communities to generate publicity to increase

    awareness of a product, brand or event

  • SMO tips

    Create shareable content

    Make sharing easy

    Reward engagement

    Make your content unique, engaging and different

    Engage with influencers

  • do SMO today, SMO

    tomorrow, and SMO

    the next day

    - Noland Hoshino

  • breathe