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<ul><li><p>How to Make an Effective PowerPoint PresentationMrs. Block</p></li><li><p>This Show An OverviewPowerPoint Style Basics How to ResourcesTips and Hints/Dos and Don'tsExampleProduct Parameters for Independent Studies Project</p></li><li><p>How do I start?Demonstration of new show</p><p>KidzOnline PowerPoint Tutorials</p><p>Atomic Learning Tutorials username: idds password: learntype in Power Point Presentations, choose one tutorial to watch.</p></li><li><p> Style: Tips and HintsLimit the number of words on each slideLimit punctuation and avoid using all caps, less is moreUse contrast colors for text and backgrounds</p></li><li><p>More Style Tips and HintsLimit flashy transitions, cutesy sounds and animationsUse quality images that reinforce and complement your messageLimit number of slides, again less is more </p></li><li><p> Style More Tips and HintsMake text and graphics large enough to be readHave a plan B incase of technical difficultiesPractice beforehandDo not read entirely from your slides</p></li><li><p>ExampleBiology is my favorite subject in schoolthe science that studies living organisms characteristic life processes and phenomena of living organisms; "the biology of viruses" biota: all the plant and animal life of a particular region Biology is the study of life. It is concerned with such topics as the characteristics, classification, and behaviors of organisms, how species come into existence, and the interactions they have with each other and with the natural environment. ... </p></li><li><p>RememberPowerPoint Presentations are a tool for the presenter not the total presentation.Follow best practice in Content and Style when creating your PowerPoint presentationBe sure to include: Title Slide, Overview and Summary Slide in all of your presentations</p></li><li><p>Research Project Outcome8-10 slides ( this does not include title slide and conclusion/summary slide.)Title SlideOverview Slide8-10 Content SlidesConclusion SlideCredits/Citation SlideYou will be graded on Presentation Style and ContentInclude complimentary: images, graphs, transitions and animations, you determine how many</p></li><li><p>Research Highlights</p><p>Give brief overview of research methodsProject Subject SummaryWhat is your topic about? Give Information. Be throughough, leave no stone unturned.Intent of Research- Analysis What did you learn, how do hope your findings will impact others, what will your research contribute to the greater body of knowledge?</p></li><li><p>It is in your handsYour PowerPoint Presentation will have to represent your complete research. It is up to you to determine what specifics to include, (following the guidelines), make wise choices.</p></li></ul>