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Melanie Sims, support manager at Blue Sky Factory, talks about how to build your email subscriber database organically, making the most of relationships with existing subscribers, and strategies for making your emails viral.


<ul><li> 1. Blue Sky FactoryDriving Email Marketing PerformanceHow to Grow Your Subscriber DatabaseThursday, May 28 2009 3:00 PMBaltimore, Maryland </li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda The Importance of List Growth The Opt-In Process Subscriber Preferences Viral Emails and Social Media2 3. The Importance of ListGrowth3 4. The Importance of List Growth Highest ROI Email has the highest ROI (return on investment) for all online media For every dollar spent on email marketing, marketers can expect an estimated $45.06 ROI. DMA,2008 Increase in Sales Increase in subscribers can mean an increase in sales Consumers who subscribed to email newsletters generated 34.25% more product sales. -MarketingSherpa Email presently generates 21.6% of total revenue from [marketing] campaigns. DMA, 2008 Customers Prefer Email Email is widely used and preferred by your customers Over 90% of internet users between age 18 and 72 and 74% of internet users age 64 and older sendand receive email, making it the most popular online activity for all age groups. - Pew Internet andAmerican Life Project, 2009 4 5. Email is Different Direct Highly personal Email users are picky Anything can be considered SPAM 5 6. The Opt-In Process6 7. Getting them to your Website Organic Search Paid Search Online Advertising Cross Promotion with other media Direct Mail and Collateral Blogging Tweeting7 8. Getting the Opt-In Permission-Based Email A list of true opt-in subscribers will garner the best results No pre-checked boxes or tricks Consider using incentives 8 9. Email Offerings Tell them what they will receive Include newsletter titles and a brief description of what you offer Show the frequency at which they are sent Include other email offerings Specials, Press Releases, etc.9 10. Email Offerings (contd) Show preview of an email Give them access to see previous emails also Example: Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools10 11. Signing up on your Website Make the sign-up easy Provide sign-up on every page and/or prominent on homepage Example: Active Junky 11 12. Signing up on your Website(contd) Include a dedicated Thank You page Example: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools12 13. Signing Up Offline Capture opt-ins offline as well Trade Shows Seminars Networking Events Make it clear that they will receive email If you receive email addresses from hosts, use an engagement campaign Follow up quickly Personalize a welcome email 13 14. Welcome Email Send a Welcome Email as soon as possible Confirm the benefits of your mailings 78% of welcome emails explained the benefits of signing up. - EmailExperience Council Confirm frequency/type of email Use Branding Provide whitelisting information14 15. Welcome Email (contd) Link to your website and/or email archive Opportunity to unsubscribe and update preferences Example: Active Junky 15 16. Subscriber Preferences16 17. Contact Updates Subscribers can edit or add to their contact information Allow them to add data that you did not acquire during their initial sign-up Name Demographic Information Geographic Information Areas of Interest Use data for personalization 17 18. Cross Promotion Allow users to update email communications that they receive from you Current subscriptions should be checked by default Example: BSF18 19. Format Multi-part emails: HTML &amp; Text Allow subscribers that read email on a PDA to receive aplain text only version 64% of key decision makers are viewing your carefully crafted email on their Blackberry's and other mobile devices, according to new data. Marketing Sherpa Always include a View In Browser link19 20. Frequency Do not over email! Frequency should be determined on a list-by-list basis Allow subscribers to choose the amount of email they receive from you 37.4% say they receive more email than they expected when theysigned up. - Return Path Compile data from daily emails into a weekly email, or weeklies into a monthly 20 21. Test Frequency Test frequency to find the right formula for your subscribers Do they want your email daily, weekly, or monthly? Do they prefer a certain day or a certain time of month? Find the right balance or you will lose your audience Track results in opens, clicks, opt-outs 21 22. Viral Emails and Social Media 22 23. Viral Marketing Most successful viral campaigns are unique, interactive or humorous Make your content forwardable Include a Forward to a Friend link 23 24. Social Media Sharing Subscribers are increasingly savvy in social media usage Give the option to share the email with networks Include a Subscribe link to entice new subscribers Example: BSF24 25. Q&amp;A Thank You! Melanie SimsBlue Sky Factory, Inc Please visit us online: Our blog: </p>