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  1. 1. HOW TO BUY GIGS ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE This method is 100% working. You will be able to purchase gigs for free Copy and paste link below: If button doesnt work click here: Your goal is to make points. Every 100 point are 1$: for purchasing a 5$ gig you must make 500 points. How to make points? Its simple to collect points, this is a summary table.
  2. 2. If you create an account and update your profile you make around 200 points, if you create a gig with a video you make about 50 points, etc. Ideas to collect points? 1) Go to plr section of this forum, download some plr and create gigs to make points. Dont think you dont make sales, therefore choose your product to sell making a marketplace research covering missing products 2) Create multiple accounts: this is the blackhat way. Other people will have your same idea so this method doesnt will work anymore. Therefore if decide to create multiple account dont exagerate: create max 5 accounts from different IP. Use always the same ip to login to site.