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Slides from workshop at Type-A Parent Conference 2012 about getting speaking gigs and getting paid to speak. Speakers: Danielle Smith and Aliza Sherman, co-authors of "Mom, Incorporated."


<ul><li>1.GettingSpeakingGigs!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak </li></ul> <p>2. Brought to you by #winesister Our Workshop Sponsor 3. Our backgrounds!- Co-authors of Mom, Incorporated - Entrepreneurs - Professional speakers (i.e. we are paid) - Moms @daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 4. Todays Workshop!- Hone your core messages - Pitch yourself eecJvely as a speaker. - IdenJfy ideal speaking opportuniJes. - Get the inside scoop on the speaking circuit. - Get paid to speak. @daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 5. Public Speakers!Identify their passions.!Articulate their topics.!Share their stories.!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 6. The knowledge &amp; experience youhave to share is a gift to others.!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 7. Write down 3things you arepassionate about.!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 8. Now choose 1.!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 9. Know your audience!Where should you speak?!How do you pitch yourself?!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 10. Describe yourideal audience.@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 11. Write 1-2 sentencesthat explain your key topic.!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 12. Think headlines.!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 13. Write 1-2 sentencesexplaining why!YOU are the oneto speak about it.!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 14. Own It!!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 15. Your Turn to Pitch!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 16. The Speaking Circuit!Agents tend to hustle for you.!Bureaus tend to eld calls.!Speakers with books make more $$$.!People will pay you to speak.!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 17. Just Ask!!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 18. Q&amp;A!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak 19. Danielle Smith &amp; Aliza Sherman!!@momincbook!@daniellesmithtv! @alizasherman! #TypeAspeak </p>