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View this webinar with Michael Crosson and Dan Slagen and learn how to grow the reach of your LinkedIn group:



2. Housekeeping Notes:1 Webinar slides + video will be emailed toall2 Interact with us on Twitter:#LinkedInGroups3 Follow us on LinkedIn!2 3. Your Presenters:DAN SLAGENMIKE CROSSONGlobal Marketing Relations,Founder & Moderator,HubSpotSocial Media Marketing & Publisher,dan-slagen/a/675/718SocialMediopolis.com 3 4. Agenda:1 Creating Your Group from Scratch2 Setting Your Group up for Success3 Seeding Your Group for Growth4 Marketing Your Group Where It Matters5 Moderating Your Group for Quality Control6 Monitoring Metrics for Continued Success4 5. Key Point:Remember, whether you are acorporate user or an individualbuilding out a group, LINKEDIN ownsit.You do not. You are only granteddevelopment space in their world.Act accordingly.5 6. Pros:1 The platform is free.2 Chance to showcaseyourself & your company.3 It works.Group ownership looks good4 on your resume. 6 7. Cons: 1Your options are limited. 2Avoid a lot of workwith no pay. 3You dont own the group.Group ownership looks good only if your 4group looks good!7 8. Key Point:LinkedIn is a GREAT B2B environment.Dont mistake it for a B2C venue. It aint.8 9. Creating Your Group#1 from Scratch9 10. Creating the Group from ScratchNaming the group and1 avoiding legal headachesdown the road 11 11. Creating the Group from ScratchHow to seize the2 opportunity on LinkedIn:who is the competition? 12 12. Creating the Group from ScratchBuilding the3 infrastructure withrules, welcome &confirmation emails14 13. Setting Your Group up for#2 Success16 14. Setting Your Group up for Success1 Nitty-gritty details thatmatter (SEO)17 15. Setting Your Group up for Success2 Linking to yourpersonal profile19 16. Key Point:People WILL check you out thoroughly onLinkedIn once you create a presence.And if you have false or overblowncredentials, they have no problem callingyou out.Be direct and honest.21 17. Setting Your Group up for SuccessSetting up niche3 subgroups (veryimportant!)22 18. Setting Your Group up for SuccessFinding expert help4 LinkedIn GroupProducts, Forum, SuperGroup Founders, etc.24 19. Seeding#3 Your Group for Growth26 20. Seeding Your Group for Growth 1 Inviting the most influential people to join27 21. Seeding Your Group for Growth 2 Engaging members in other forums30 22. Seeding Your Group for Growth 3 Publishing/redistributing content 31 23. Example: We use HubSpot at to distribute all of our announcements to our social media simultaneously with one click. 32 24. Seeding Your Group for GrowthEstablishing your own 4social media venues:Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, YouTube, etc.33 25. Marketing Your Group#4 Where It Matters34 26. Marketing Your Group Where It MattersIntegrate and promote 1all of your socialmedia togetherSEO + Facebook + Twitter + 35 27. Marketing Your Group Where it MattersMarketing partnerships 2& niche networks:fast track tomembership growth36 28. Marketing Your Group Where it Matters 3Build a separate websitewith email capture38 29. Lead Capture Form: 40 30. Marketing Your Group Where it Matters 4Use LinkedIn Answers41 31. Great place for sourcing & sharing!42 32. Marketing Your Group Where it Matters 5Acquire unique contentto attract new users43 33. Types of Content to Promote1 Blog articles2 Videos and images3 Ebooks and whitepapers4 Webinars and event invitations 44 34. Moderating Your Group#5 for Quality Control Keep tight control or lose it!45 35. Moderating Your Group for Quality ControlMonitoring and1 respondingdaily, daily, daily!46 36. Moderating Your Group for Quality Control2 Killingspammers, #1 job47 37. Moderating Your Group for Quality ControlAttracting qualified and3 dedicatedmoderators/managers48 38. Moderating Your Group for Quality Control4 Avoid irrelevanttopic discussions49 39. Monitoring Metrics for#6 Continued Success 50 40. Monitoring Metrics for Continued SuccessUse the right tools1 HubSpot, HootSuite, Tweetdeck, GoogleAnalytics, etc 51 41. Website Traffic Driven by LinkedIn 52 42. Leads from LinkedIn53 43. Conversion Rate from Traffic to Leads54 44. Customers from LinkedIn55 45. Monitoring Metrics for Continued SuccessPick a good Email2 Service ProviderHubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact 56 46. Monitoring Metrics for Continued Success3 Check LinkedIn metrics 57 47. Measure Growth & Activity58 48. Monitoring Metrics for Continued SuccessUse surveys (like4 SurveyMonkey) andthird-party apps(especially mobile) 59 49. What NOT to Do!Extra added FREE bonus no cost to you!A $399,000 value!(OK, what kind of marketer would I be if I didntinclude this??)60 50. Oopsie What NOT to Do! 1 Dont use a corporate name or logo you dont own 2 Dont dun other groups trying to build your own: group owners will gang up on you 3 Dont make bad marketing partnerships: keep everything 110% relevant to the group 4 Dont violate LinkedIns terms & conditions61 51. Search EngineOptimizationBlogging &Social MediaLead GenerationLeadManagementEmail &AutomationMarketingAnalytics 52. Mike Crosson will be speaking atSocial Media Marketing World check out the agenda here: Crosson, Publisher Contact Info:www.SocialMediopolis.commcrosson@changetheworld.comLinkedIn: www.LinkedIn/in/mcrossonPh. 415.717.7600 53. THANK YOU.64