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How to Build a Great Learning Community. Our Objectives for Today. Introduce LCs models Understand how LC can strengthen outcomes Identify key characteristics of successful LCs Develop a set of LC best practices. Introductions. Road Map. Introduction to LC Models - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

How to Build a Great Learning CommunityOur Objectives for TodayIntroduce LCs modelsUnderstand how LC can strengthen outcomesIdentify key characteristics of successful LCsDevelop a set of LC best practices

IntroductionsIntroduction to LC ModelsWhat does it take to make a great LC?Building a culture of trustThe Austin 2014 LC Best Practices

Road Map

IntroductionsGroup introductions: Name, home town, breakfast food of choice, when I hear LC I thinkKate introduction: MC focus on LCs with mixed results4IntroductionsI. Intro to LC Models

IntroductionsCommunity is - a gift not a goalcontemplativeconnected (but not intimate)rife with hardshipa pocket of possibilityled (not spontaneous)This work will break our hearts - - into larger, more generous forms.

Parker Palmer: CommunityLeadership for community consists in creating, holding, and guarding a trustworthy space in which human resourcefulness may be evoked.

Parker Palmer13 Ways of Looking at Community (1998)

6IntroductionsCOPS are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

Etienne Wenger: Communities of Practice3 Key Elements of COPs

1) The domain:members are brought together by a shared learning

2) The community:their collective learning becomes a bond among them over time

3) The practice:their interactions produce resources that affect their practice Collaboratives developed in therapeutic environments to focus the adoption of best practices in diverse service settings.

Interactive, skill-focused learningTaps collective experienceLocal adaptationMulti-modal and ongoingShared learningOrganizational give and take

Learning CollaborativesLearning Collaboratives developed in therapeutic environments to focus the adoption of best practices in diverse service settings. Part of the challenge they address is how to standardize improvements while allowing for local input. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) has developed one influential model. NCTSN describe a learning collaborative with 6 points.8IntroductionsPLCs are comprised of 5-7 members who are committed to helping each other enhance their leadership skills.Adults learn best when they:act on new knowledge and insight in the real world, reflect on their actions and learning, exchange ongoing feedback in a safe setting with peers Peer Learning Circles

Introductions5 conditions lead to meaningful results:Common AgendaShared Measurement Mutually Reinforcing ActivitiesContinuous Communication Backbone Organization

Kania & Kramer: Collective Impact

IntroductionsA learning community recognizes, values, and supports the learning of all members.Shared VisionCollaborativeReflective practiceData-driven improvementDistributed leadershipTrust & respect

Mitchell & SacknerLearning Community


II. What does it take?IntroductionsActivity Part I

Get into groups of 3. Select a timekeeper.Reflection (3 mins): In your head, think back to a time when you were part of a LC that was working really well. Think of a particular story or incident that illustrates the positive features of this group. Share your stories with the group 3 minutes per person.

IntroductionsActivity Part II As a group, talk about what it was that made your great LCs a success. What starting assumptions, practices, norms or leadership styles were in place?

As a group, identify your top 3 practices of a successful LC.

15 minutes total

IntroductionsBuilding a Culture of TrustWhat can you do as a facilitator to build trust?

General practicesSpecific exercises

Austin 2014 Tips for Building aGreat Learning Community