How To Become A Professional Dog Trainer In 3 Simple Steps (Step 1)

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DESCRIPTION - Do you believe that helping dogs is what you are meant to do, that it feels like your calling and you are motivated to make a difference in the world? During this slide show I talk about the first simple and very important step to becoming a successful dog trainer. Have you ever wondered why it is that when a group of people receive the same information some have great success and others see little or no change? It's due to their mindset, beliefs and expectations. The great quote by Henry Ford sums it up nicely: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right." Watch this slide show to learn more tips and in depth information...


<ul><li> 1. 3 Simple Steps To Becoming A Professional Dog Trainer, Making A Difference In The World AND Paying The Bills At The Same Time. By Sharon Bolt Dog Behaviour Expert and Founder of Good Dogs! As featured on BBCs Britains Most Embarrassing Pets The Chris Evans Show on BBC Radio 2 GMTV BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey As interviewed in The Independent, The Guardian and The Sunday People Newspapers And has conducted training for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home </li></ul> <p> 2. Hello My names Sharon Bolt and Im the founder of Good Dogs! Thats me in the middle there with the boys, they are 2 Parson Terriers, brothers from the same litter who we got when they were just 8 weeks old. 3. These lovely boys have dramatically changed my life and my career and in this first of three slide shows Im going to explain why, tell you what happened, which may surprise you, and what Ive discovered to be... the '3 Simple Steps To Becoming A Professional Dog Trainer, Making A Difference In The World And Paying The Bills At The Same Time So lets get started... 4. I first became self employed in 1999. I followed my heart and my passion, gave up a good job and started a complementary therapy practice. Life was good, I was earning good money, working about 5 hours a day, 4-5 days a week. Then in it all changed... 5. We got two eight week old Parson terrier brothers from the same litter. It was SO exciting, they were SO adorable and we eagerly brought them home. 6. I tried to enrol them into a puppy training class. I hadnt realised how popular puppy socialisation classes were, which meant that I spoke to about seven different dog trainers as so many of the classes were already full. 7. The trainers all said the same thing to me which was : You have taken on real trouble, it's the worst case scenario I was shocked and asked why? 8. They explained to me that because the puppies were blood related they would look at each other for direction rather than us. And as they were males they would fight for the top dog position. They warned that aggression and nasty fights would result and we would very likely need to move one of them on. 9. I was distraught and looked at the two bundles of fluff in front of me and said , No way, that was NOT going to happen So my mission began, to find a natural method of communicating with my two dogs in a way they would really understand and STOP the predictions from coming true. 10. I studied, went on courses, researched and most importantly watched the way my two dogs communicated with each other. Courses 11. Here they are, chilled out, relaxed and happy dogs looking for direction. 12. In 2005 I went on a 3 week pilgrimage across India It was the most amazing time and as a result something 'clicked' inside me. I felt different, no longer did I want to stay small and help a small number of people, I wanted to make a BIG difference in the world. Making a 13. My mindset changed, opportunities I had not wanted or even thought of before began opening up for me. I enrolled in a Business And Marketing Course, I got myself a computer, an email address and a website! 14. I was continuing to have a lot of success with my two dogs. They were looking at me for direction and showed no signs of the predicted aggression. 15. Here they are, chilling out in their sand pit enjoying the afternoon sun! 16. It was around that time Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 was looking for a dog trainer to come on his show to talk about unwanted dog behaviours. 17. The people I had worked with were raving about the changes that had taken place with their dogs and were recommending me to their friends and family. So, I knew what I was doing was making such a difference, I'd seen it with my own eyes often enough so I thought 'I can do that!' 18. Following my heart, I went to the BBC website, typed an email to Chris Evans telling him why dogs misbehave, that he needed to get me on his show and to call me! It was a lot of fun writing the email , I believed I could make a difference for his listeners so I hit the send button. 19. I wasn't put off I really believed I could help other dog owners and I wasn't going to give up that easily! So over the next few days I sent 2 similar emails. 20. 3 days later I was on Radio 2 speaking to millions of listeners! 21. I know this isn't what people would 'normally' think of doing. I was working full-time in my complementary therapy practice and I hadnt really been seriously marketing myself as a dog trainer, but I knew I had extensively studied dog behaviour and developed my expertise. 22. I also had 2 dogs who were happy and well- behaved who displayed none of the awful behaviours I was led to believe would happen. 23. Here they are again butter wouldnt melt in those little mouths! 24. I just KNEW the information and experiences I would share could make such a difference to people and their dogs, so I went for it! 25. Being on the show was REALLY exciting, I had great feedback from the producers and I had SO much fun too. Great 26. A few weeks later a friend emailed me to say that she'd heard Emma Bunton (from the Spice Girls) on the radio saying she had a puppy and was having some problems. I bet you know what's coming next! 27. I found her website which had 2 postal addresses, I wrote a letter and sent it to both of them explaining how I could help her! 28. A week later I had a call from her management company saying that Emma was interested in finding out more about my services. 29. 5 days later I was sitting in Emma's kitchen with her boyfriend, her brother and management explaining how to change her puppy's unwanted behaviour in a kind and gentle way! Behaviour 30. I was SO excited, I was SO passionate about helping dogs and owners, I was getting great results and it made sense to focus on this all the time. 31. It Was Decision Time Again! 32. I knew that my true calling now was to help dogs and their owners and I felt it was wrong to carry on doing something when I was not committed in the same way as I once was. It was time to share this with my husband! 33. It seemed like he lost half a stone in about 15 minutes when I told him! Of course he was right when he said that we needed my income to help pay the bills, but I just knew it would be OK. 34. The next day I wrote a letter to my complementary therapy clients explaining that in 2 months I would no longer be able to offer my services. I had a new passion and it was time for me to follow it! 35. Since then it's been a really rewarding and exciting journey. I've been featured in the Independent, The Guardian, The Sunday People, The Sunday Post and The Metro. 36. I've also been interviewed on GMTV, BBC South Today, BBC SouthEast, BBC Look North and I was the dog expert featured in the BBC Documentary Britains Most Embarrassing Pets. 37. To date I've been interviewed in over 35 different newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations and I have a regular slot on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey giving advice to numerous listeners doggy dilemmas. 38. I've also been able to help a number of celebrities and have conducted training for Battersea Dogs and Cats home. 39. And if you're wondering what happened with my dogs and whether I needed to give one of them up... 40. NO WAY - Today, they are nearly 9 years old and are happy, healthy and well-balanced dogs. They look to me for direction, they play happily together and are a joy and pleasure to be with. 41. And here they are cuddling up together! 42. What I've discovered along my journey is that there are 3 simple steps to becoming a professional dog trainer, making a difference in the world and paying the bills at the same time. Dog trainer 43. Have you ever wondered why it is that when a group of people receive the same information some have great success and others see little or no change? It's due to their mindset, beliefs and expectations. Expectations 44. The great quote by Henry Ford sums it up nicely: Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right. 45. Or in the perhaps even more famous words of Del Trotter: "He who dares wins!" 46. When I heard that Chris Evans was looking for a dog trainer to come on the show I believed I could do it and emailed and told him so! I didnt stop to consider how many dog trainers there are in the country, or let the fact that I had not been featured in the media at that time hold me back, or even question if I was good enough to do it. I believed I could do it. 47. I trusted the results I'd seen where dogs changed from being frantic and anxious to calm and chilled out as a result of what I taught the owners. All I needed to do was to convince the Chris Evans Show too! 48. When I heard Emma Bunton was having problems with her puppy, my thoughts were I can help her and how do I contact her? I believed I could help her, I didn't doubt the amazing changes that were happening for people who were applying my kind and gentle methods. 49. Thoughts such as 'Emma knows lots of people, she will not consider me, or she will only work with famous or well known people' were not entertained. 50. The fact that I didn't have an inside contact or that I would need to go to her home didn't deter me either. I believed I could help her and that's the thought I kept practising and reminding myself. Belief Desire Intention Action 51. Do you believe you could have your dream job and be successful ? If you're not sure but would REALLY like to, then try this... 52. Imagine what it would FEEL like to work with dogs, to be able to make a difference in the world and pay the bills at the same time. Practice this feeling often, day dream how it would FEEL, remember times when you felt this way, hear what people said to you and what you said to yourself. 53. Remember times in your life when you were confident and successful, talk to yourself as if you are reassuring a small child who you know could do something they are doubtful about. 54. A belief is only a thought you keep thinking, so practice another thought and in time that will become your belief instead. 55. When I heard I was going to be interviewed on the Chris Evans Show I only told a few people in advance. Because people reflect back to you what it would feel like for THEM if they were in YOUR situation. 56. I didn't want people's fears, doubts and 'what if it goes dreadfully wrong' scenarios. I didn't want to be influenced by them, I believed it was going to be fun, people were going to be lovely to me and it would have a really good outcome, and THAT was my experience. 57. I suggest that when you have an idea, feel inspired to do something or would like to make a change in your life to be selective of who you share the information with. This is often a 'fragile' stage where you could easily be influenced or swayed by other people's fears and doubts. 58. Does my story and what Ive spoken about resonate with you? Does the prospect of working with dogs on a daily basis fill you with excitement? Would you like to work the hours you choose, be your own boss and feel satisfied at the end of the day? 59. I've created 'The Rolls Royce of Dog Training and Mentoring' Programme. There are 2 parts to the programme : The 5 Day Advanced Course plus a follow up bonus day. Followed by an : 8 week business, coaching and mentoring boot camp. 60. This programme is jam packed full of roll your sleeves up and learn from the inside out hands on dog training experiences. Plus an 8 week business and mentoring on-line boot camp where I show you step by step, using leading edge technology, EXACTLY how you can fast track your way to success. 61. This is only for people who are ready NOW to make a HUGH positive difference in their lives. There is an opening for a maximum of 6 people to work closely with me in order to get the experience, mindset and business knowledge needed in order to fast track them to success. 62. By application and invitation only. A maximum of 6 places. Places are assigned in the order that suitable applicants are received. 63. Complete the application form at the bottom of the page. If it seems we're a good match and I feel I can help you we'll have a telephone consultation, which is 100% free, to see if we really are a good fit. </p>