how logistics impacts retail business?

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  1. 1. ShipDesk How logistics impacts your business?
  2. 2. Online Merchants Sales Cycle Orders Payment Customer Satisfaction Logistics
  3. 3. Internet has changed the way Business is done Who is sellers face? Who attracts and retains your customers? Who decides on Marketing offers?
  4. 4. Does Logistics Impact your Business Commercials/ profit 9-12% of Total Cost 14.5 % Service Tax Payments Your Brand Value Customer Satisfaction Repeat Orders Impact of additional logistics charges
  5. 5. What you should look in a logistics partner 1) Reach 2) Service levels (Air/Surface) 3) Technology 4) Minimum Commitment 5) COD option 6) Doorstep pickup 7) Centralized support
  6. 6. Challenges in Logistics Return Shipments (Particularly COD) Damaged packages/Packaging issues Delayed Shipments Pilferage Tracking
  7. 7. Logistics options available in India Options Pros Cons Top Direct Courier Companies Better Services, Support Higher Commercials, Min commitment Top Franchisee Model Courier Companies Better Accessibility, Reach Non uniform services, Small/Local Courier Companies Commercials Reach Market place Courier Accountability Reach Courier Aggregator More options, No commitment No direct contract
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