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How Do I Make Good Decisions Christ, Our Companion at Lifes Crossroads

How Do I Make Good Decisions? Christ, Our Companion at Lifes Crossroads


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Seven Waves Away/Abandon Ship (1957)

After their luxury liner is sunk, a group of over twenty survivors take refuge in a life boat made for only nine. Included in the group are an old opera singer, a nuclear physicist, his wife and child, a General, a play-write and his dog, a college professor, a gambler and his mistress, the ship's nurse, and several members of the crew, including the Captain and executive officer. Soon, the captain dies from his injuries. The executive officer must take charge, and as a hurricane approaches, and their food and water run out, he must decide who to put over the side, and who stays and gets a chance at survival.

Franz Jaggerstatter

Before I decide on something, I make sure that

I make good decision because


* I analyze the situation first before judging * I am blessed w/ a good mind and heart * Of my inspiration in life * I always have breakfast so that I dont lack brain power * I make good decisions when I am in good mood


I love myselfI think of the consequences before I actI respect the welfare of my neighborI consider my reference to the BibleI am concentrating my mind before I do somethingIf the time will come that my decision is not that good, no one will be blamed but me I think of what is good


I keep in mind that everyone is affected by decisions I chooseI ask advice from other peopleI am thinking of what the output will be It will improve my social life as wellI am sure of itIt will take me to my real mission/ or my purposeSo people will have a positive outlook on me

Poor ways of making moral decisions

Tossed coin decisions: based on chance, external events, or circumstances

Poor ways of making moral decisions

Biased decisions: decide based only on ones injustice without regard for others or community norms

Poor ways of making moral decisionsSocial mirror decisions: putting too much emphasis on what others say without considering ones emotion or conscience

What are the things you consider when you make decisions?

Things to ConsiderCourage to choose what is goodFollow the concrete good that our consciences discernEducate or Form our consciencesThe need to make holistic decisionsTake into account what experience has shown usDecisions that recognizes our being true Filipino Christian persons-in-community


SEARCH out the factsTHINK about the alternatives and consequences OTHERS, How do our actions affect them and have we consulted them?PRAY


SEARCH out the facts

INVESTIGATE the facts. We need to discern accurately three elements of every moral acts (1) nature of the act, (2) intention of the person and (3) the circumstances of the act.

INQUIRE about moral norms affecting your decisions.

IMAGINE consequences and alternatives.

THINK about the alternatives and consequences

INTROSPECTWe need to understand the value of our emotions by considering others and consulting others


IMPLEMENT ones decisions.One must have the courage and resolve to do what one has decided upon.

IMPLORE Gods help in prayer.We ought to seek Gods guidance in prayer before, during and after making our moral decisions.


Sirach 15: 14-17God in the beginning created human beingsand made them subject to their own free choice.If you choose, you can keep the commandments;loyalty is doing the will of God.Set before you are fire and water;to whatever you choose, stretch out your hand.Before everyone are life and death,whichever they choose will be given them.


Sirach 15: 14-17We are called to develop the spontaneous habit of checking on Christs example and teachings.


What would Jesus do?" (often abbreviated to WWJD) became popular in the United States in the 1890s and again in 1990s as a personal motto for thousands of ChristiansUsed the phrase as a reminder of their belief that Jesus is the example to be followed in daily life, and to act in a manner of which Jesus would approve.WWJD

The initials WWJD is sometimes used by Christians to mean "Walk with Jesus daily". Many Christians still use this phrase today, especially with young children.

Do your best, God will do the rest. Making actual moral decisions is grounded on both our human nature and Gods grace. By human nature, we posses intellect and free will and by grace, we are strengthened, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

ConclusionWe naturally turn to the example and empowering grace of Christ who was similarly confronted with difficult crossroads in his life, but in all cases was guided by his love for God and others.