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1. How Advertising on Twitter Increases Your SalesThe frankness of Twitter is what makes it different from Facebook and LinkedIn. Byusing hashtags and keywords, tweets can be read by anybody for where itssignificance is established. Additionally, the advertising scheme of Twitter is moremodern than Facebook and Google Adwords. You can endorse your @account oryour tweet of 140 characters through its Self-service ad portal.Increase Sale through Twitter Advertising SchemeFirst, you need to open a Twitter account and choose from its various advertisingschemes.1. Promote Account. Your @username account is displayed to people who maybecome your followers. The mechanics is similar to other accounts except that youare on top of the list. You will be charged per follow.2. Promote Tweet. The most popular, your choice tweet appears on any significantTwitter users timelines. Therefore, your tweet is seen by potential followers. Anykind of activity (retweet, reply, click, favorite) will count towards your charges.The choice of advertising depends on your budget. So you can set a budget for eachday and establish the highest rate for each activity. This gives you the possibility ofspending less; but be careful not to make a low maximum bid, as this may renderyou invisible most of the time. 2. How to Quantify your Advertisement1. Dashboard. This is for the Promote Tweet scheme. Impressionfrequency, click frequency, click rates and cost are seen and areamended instantly.2. Follower Growth Chart. Monitors your followers count from thestart and calculates your average expense for every new supporter.Its not just big companies that benefit from Twitter Advertising.You can learn more about seo company melbourne, social mediamarketing brisbane and social media marketing, by visiting -