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  1. 1. How a Chartered Accountant Can Help Your Business Succeed! No idea is new, not if you are born genius! Always, a new business idea goes straight to the graveyard. Well, I am not going to start talking negatively, there definitely need a positive push for every entrepreneur out there in the market searching for tips and ideas to reshape or start a business. So if you want to lean on to success, here goes some tips and these are actually shared by great business leaders who have seen a lot of pitfalls and still managed to climb the stairs to reach on top in business. Learn to accept the fact that probably your idea is not after all new at all. You may think it is incredible, but somebody might have already tried it before you. Before stepping into business and spending your precious time, make sure to discover if someone else have similar ideas. Now, if they have, then start thinking how to portray your idea in a unique way. Critics follow you like shadows, do not respond or react. Keep up your work and stick on to your ideas. Next, identify people who you intent to sell your products or services. Any business circles between these three: product selling and buying, services related business and consulting. Understand your needs and find who the targeted customers are and this maximize the success of your
  2. 2. business. Targeting on your marketing investors help maximize any business; be it a start-up or a running business. You might have a big dream and you will have a lot of passion towards your ideas, but make sure that you always view everything practically. There might be a lot of hurdles, so reviewing the ideas and taking an expert advice can help you towards success. The CA in Bangalore helps a lot of business owners in determining the services and other finance related stuffs. Starting small is a good idea, but it has to be done with a proper planning. There is a big role for an accountant in bringing your business with the ideas that you have come up with. Some of the financial functions needed for stabilizing a business are accuracy, collections, analysis, recording and finally presenting the business in an organizational level. He is not just an accountant, but as a matter of fact works as an administrator in the company. He is actually a key player in the administration function.
  3. 3. Financial data management is the primary role of him. Involving the collection of data and maintaining it with respect to activities of the company, providing necessary records and maintaining the same with respect to the compliance of the company and finally checking if the whole system is pristine are some of the roles and responsibilities of the Charted Accountants in a company. If there are any business affiliations, then internal accounting, government accounting and auditing are done by him. They even give a hand in advising the top executives of the company regarding investments, shares and other company secretarial matters. He is also a key player in maintaining the tax of the company. Balakrishna Consulting (BCL) is a team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants and Advocates. Contact Details: # 24 10th Cross, Opp Post Office Wilson Garden,Bangalore 560 027 Karnataka- India Mobile: +91 9448080886


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