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Here are some situations to test your honesty.WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?You have a short quiz today in class, and you didnt study. You are seated at the back row and your notes are just under your desk. What will you do?I will cheat to pass this quiz.I will not cheat because it is bad.WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?You were chasing your little sister in the living room and then you accidentally hit your mother's favorite vase. Then, she suddenly comes in and sees her broken vase. What will you tell her?I will tell her the truth and admit it was my fault.I will point at my little sister and accuse her that it was her fault.WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?Will you spread rumors in school about your classmate who only gets high grades because you think she is close to your teachers?Yes I will because I don't like her.No I won't because I don't have any proof.Watch the short clip and answer the following questions on the next slideshttps://www.youtube.com/embed/gKWktweAZb0

What are the villagers furious about?The shepherd boy is tricking them that there is a wolf.They saw the shepherd boy sleeping.This is the correct answer.What happened when the wolf did came?The villagers came and attacked the wolf.Nobody came and the shepherd boy cried.This is the correct answer.What do you think should the shepherd boy do after what happened?The shepherd boy should apologize for lying.The shepherd boy should do nothing.This is the correct answer.