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  • 1. It has been said there are some animalswho sense weather activity before ithappens. According to some researchers, theythink certain animals like elephants getan early earth quake warning becausethey can sense shockwaves in theground under their feet.

2. Yes, animals have a sixth sense . Someanimals have a different sense. Animalshave something that humans donthave. We smell, touch , hear, see, andfeel. Animals sense the weather. 3. On December 26th in Phuket, Thailand at 5or 6 oclock in the morning, there were twoelephants crying because there was atsunami coming. The two elephants wereshowing some unusual behavior and wereanxious to run away. They broke andpulled their chain to run away . Theelephants escaped to a mountain top. The tsunami came 10 min before 10oclock. AFTER THE TSUNAMI THEY RETURED HOME. 4. I think animals can predict the weather because animals are smarter than humans. Do you think animals predict the weather? 5. http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/video/6703606-good-question-can-animals-predict-the-weather/ 6. My thank you Thank you for watching honestys slideshow. Your time means a lot to me.