HOLY FAMILY “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you ... “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday…

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<ul><li><p>HOLY FAMILY </p><p>SCHOOL </p><p>25 May 2018 </p><p>Holy Family Parish News.. </p><p>10 June 10.45am First Communion Mass 16 June Freckleton Club Day 29 June 9.05am Mass of Saints Peter and Paul in School 1 July 10.45am Mass in School followed by Strawberry Fayre 18 July 9.05am End of Term Mass </p><p> Every Sunday: Coffee in the house after the 10.45am Mass. All Welcome. </p><p>Website: www.family.lancs.sch.uk </p><p>Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Birthday wishes this week and over the holidays to: </p><p>Ruby Appleton 5, Amelia Kershaw 7, Viggo Hutchons 8, Teejay Singleton 9, Michael Thackeray 10, Rebecca Bruce 11 &amp; </p><p>Madison Thompson 11 - have lots of fun &amp; cake!!!!!!! </p><p>Thank you to all who have donated items for the Operation Orphan </p><p>appeal. If anyone has any warm clothing could you please send them to </p><p>school by Wednesday 20 June - thank you. </p><p> Winter coats/thick jumpers/fleeces </p><p> Hats, scarves and gloves </p><p> Blankets </p><p> Socks etc. </p></li><li><p>Mrs Maloneys Messages.. </p><p>Welfare Mrs Law, one of our Welfare Assistants finished </p><p>today. We would like to thank her for everything that she </p><p>has done for the school and children during the 3 years </p><p>that she has worked for us. </p><p>Her departure leaves us with a vacancy for a new assistant. If you would </p><p>like more information please see Mrs Courtney-Whiteside. </p><p>Learning Experiences We look forward to sharing the childrens work </p><p>with the rest of the school and parents after the holidays. Work should </p><p>be brought in on Monday 11 June and will be displayed on Wednesday 13 </p><p>and Thursday 14 June. </p><p>Sports Day Many thanks for supporting our event on Wednesday. The </p><p>children were all fantastic and had a wonderful time showing great </p><p>determination and team spirit. Many thanks to all those who were able to </p><p>attend and support the children. The winning team was Determination. </p><p>Church Congratulations to Katie, Rebecca and Imogen who were welcomed </p><p>to the church on Sunday. The children were acknowledged during our </p><p>Pentecost Collective Worship on Monday and were clearly excited and </p><p>happywhat a wonderful way to celebrate the Church's Birthday. </p><p>School Birthday Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to change </p><p>the date of the school birthday celebrations from </p><p>the 5 to the 4 July. On this day I will be asking </p><p>children to wear party clothes and bring in their </p><p>favourite books ready for a reading picnic in the </p><p>afternoon. </p><p> St Bedes As part of the transition process Year 6 will be visiting St Bedes for the day on Wednesday 13 June. Year 5 will be visiting St </p><p>Bedes on Thursday 14 June. They will be taking part in a science day. </p><p>Mileathon Unfortunately we have not been lucky with the weather today </p><p>and so have had to postpone the run to the first week back. Please send </p><p>in any donations to the officethese will be forwarded to this worthy </p><p>charity. </p><p>Blackpool Pleasure Beach Miss Barnes and Mrs Holt have arranged a trip </p><p>to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This will be on Wednesday 27 Juneplease </p><p>look out for the letter at the beginning of next half term. </p><p>Skip You have probably noticed the skip on the school car park! We are </p><p>busy clearing the school in preparation for some building work which will be </p><p>completed over the summer holidays. It is with great excitement that we </p><p>announce that we have successfully raised the money for our Key Stage 2 </p><p>Trim Trail to be built. Many thanks to the HFSA and to parents for </p><p>supporting the fundraising eventsthe money raised has helped us greatly. </p><p>We have also been successful in a bid to receive some Healthy Pupils </p><p>Capital Funding. This will be used to create a new Prayer and Reflection </p><p>room. </p><p>Holidays I hope that you have a fantastic holiday and look forward to see-</p><p>ing you all on Monday 11 June. It has been a busy but successful half term </p><p>and I would like to thank you for your continued support. </p><p>The awards for this half term were presented this morning to the following: </p><p>Writing Award </p><p>Loui McCoy (Cl 1) Elizabeth Dewhurst (Cl 2) Charles Jervis (Cl 3) Esther Wilkinson (Cl 4) </p><p>Progress Cup </p><p>Amira Karmass (Cl 1) Katie Bruce (Cl 2) Ruby OKelly (Cl 3) Annalea Lumley (Cl 4) </p><p>Endeavour Award </p><p>Sam Wain (Cl 1) Bobby Wilkinson (Cl 2) Daniel Flemen (Cl 3) </p><p>Colm McDonagh (Cl 4) Well Done to you all!! </p></li></ul>