happy birthday to you!

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  • Mama,Youll always be my No. 1I havent loved anyone as much as I love you.

  • I want the world to knowThat you have this dayI want you to knowThat you light up my way

    Today, another year has passedAnd I want you to feel relaxedI want to see you happy to be 38And be joyous on this wonderful date

    Do you know that I care, I think you do!Do you know thatI love you too?!I wanna say I love you more than mostBecause you just said I love you most

    I wrote this poem for you to readI hope it gave you joy, not griefIm not really sure if these all rhymeBut I want to say I love you, one more time.

    Do you Know?By: Dasha Day

  • You tucked me, and turned out the light

  • Kept me safe and sound at night

  • Little Girls depend on things like that

  • Brush my teeth and combed my hairHad to drive me everywhere...You were always there, when I looked back

  • You were to do it all alone. Make a living, make a homeMustve been as hard as it couldve been

  • And when I couldnt sleep at night, scared things wouldnt turn out right. You would hold my hand and sing to me

  • Caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who youll be. Cant go far but can always dream. Wish you may and wish you might. Dont you worry hold on tight. I promise you, there will come a day. Butterfly, fly away.

  • Butterfly, fly away Flap your wings now, you cant stayTake those dreams and make them all come true.Butterfly, fly away

  • Youve been waiting for this day.All along and knowing just what to do.Butterfly, (x3)Butterfly, fly away

  • I love youI love you moreI love you mostI love you more than most.

  • Mama, We Love YOU!Dasha and Danya xoxoxo

  • THE ENDBy: Dasha DayComments please