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Max peeling rate 985 per min.10% less steam consumption.Easy access for maintenance repair.


  • 1. Company Portrait:Tatsuo Nakamura, President and OwnerUS Headquarters in Chicago, IllinoisFocus on High Speed Linking- and StuffingSystems, Sausage Peelers, Meat Pumps andCustom AutomationEmploys around 90 peopleFamily owned & operated company31 years of Meat Industry expertise resulting ina complete and thorough understanding of theindustry needs and future requirements

2. SOME OF OUR REFERENCES IN NORTH AMERICA 3. REDUCEDRELIABILITY PRODUCTION COSTSINCREASED PERFORMANCE 4. EQUIPMENT RANGECELLULOSE CASINGNATURAL CASING MISC. MISC EQUIPMENTHIGH SPEED LINKERSHIGH SPEED LINKERS Machwel natural M3X linker all servo machine casing linker PEELERSMEAT PUMPSM3H linker with clutch operated Linkwel All typemetering pump casing linkerEQUALIZER(natural; collagen &( t l llcellulose) AUTOMATION 5. Hi h Speed PeelerHigh S dP l Product Change withoutTools Parts contacting Sausages ggare easily detached andcleaned Noise is greatly reducedthrough careful insulation ofthhf lil ti fthe housing and blower Air and Steam onlyconsumed while peeling,reducing utility costs andheat generation problems Simple Maintenance Easy to reach Components 6. 2-Point Mounting base; for easier setup and adjustment 7. Product adjustment jig;allows faster and correct knife head setting 8. Heavy Duty construction;build to last sanitary design 9. - Easy access guarantees fast maintenance turn around time;- Reduced operating costs due to off the shelf parts availabilityoff shelf 10. Sabre in operation 11. Peeler with Vacuum Cabinet 12. Thank you for your consideration!