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  • Okay, call me Ishmael. Or, to put the matter slightly more fully: No, in response to the challenge I set myself in last years Hippocampus, I didnt find a novelistic opening line that quite eclipsed Melvilles Call me Ishmael for sheer punch. However I had fun looking, and it was with only semi-autobiographical regret that I decided against He should have seen it coming (Howard Jacobsons The Finkler Question), I pressed the door gently (Iris Murdochs the italian girl [sic]) or, perish the thought, At long last the minister stood in the pulpit (Selma Lagerlfs The Saga of Gsta Berling). Most remarkably I discovered that, against what one might take to be astronomically improbable odds, the expression bald pink knees features in not one but two novels opening lines check out for yourselves Graham Greenes The Heart of the Matter and Pat Barkers The Ghost Road. Every day in higher education we push back a little further the frontiers of human knowledge and please may I claim todays prize. Ms Barker lives barely more than a mile from Trevelyan, and Ill try to find an opportunity to ask her whether, as it were, her knees were a conscious homage to Greenes. (Todays second achievement: in support of Noam Chomskys theory of the infinite flexibility of language, the previous knee-ridden sentence can surely never before have been uttered at any point in history.) You can tell already, I suppose, that its not yet term-time as I write this. No matter plenty to report, and so let me begin by confirming that, once again, Trevelyan is a happy place to be, a community in good heart (and indeed in good voice, of which more anon). I think its important to stress this, because you may well have picked up that there were for a time last year some widespread anxieties about the future of the Durham collegiate system amid proposed reorganisation within the university. It was a difficult period for us all, but suffice it for me to say two things now: first, the proposals as they directly affected colleges were withdrawn and the universitys commitment to the collegiate system reaffirmed; and second, in the course of how best to put it? standing up for ourselves, the community of Durham colleges found a wonderful sense of solidarity and common purpose both among ourselves and with our departmental academic colleagues, as well as with current students and, significantly, our alumni communities. It is, one might say, as though we have renewed our vows! Certainly I personally believe that the collegiate system is stronger and more present to itself than previously, perhaps than ever before. This is admittedly an unusual way to begin my annual report to you, but I think it is important to affirm that the colleges prevail and important also, to thank those very many Alumni (something repeated across all the colleges, I suspect) who expressed concern and support for us. It meant a lot, and it means a lot. A happy outcome, then, and a happy Trevs. So let me move on to a necessarily brisk summary of 2014s many highlights. In roughly chronological order, in Epiphany Term and for the third consecutive year Trevelyan (the smallest of the maintained colleges) won the DUCK trophy and the DUCK shield for the most money raised for charity both per student and in total among all the Durham Colleges; its a simply extraordinary achievement.

    Principal, Prof. Martyn Evans


  • Music next, and the traditional annual highlight featured a new stage musical in my personal experience Thoroughly Modern Millie, featuring a new star lead female vocalist and new star comic talent (as part of a memorable, albeit politically incorrect, double act of Chinese laundrymen). Not to be outdone(!) the current Chancellor Sir Thomas Allen gave a simply wonderful master-class performing Schuberts Die Winterreise, in the Dowrick Suite in March. After Easter we inaugurated our annual GM Trevelyan Memorial Lecture series with a splendid presentation by renowned environmentalist Jonathon Porritt followed up later in the year, for timetabling reasons beyond our control as they say, with the second GMT Lecture memorably given by the BBCs James Burke. Other interesting scholarly visitors included author Lesley Chamberlain (with husband Pavel, former Czech Ambassador to London). Lesley and Pavel engaged with both College and SCR, and enjoyed their time here, Pavel fascinating us with hypnotic tales of life as a dissident in communist Czechoslovakia before end of the Cold War. In June, the exam season brought another tremendous harvest of results 25% of our finalists achieved a First Class honours degree, and almost 88% of them achieved an Upper-Second or better. Perhaps reflecting this scholarly industry, the Colleges Research Committee was launched, coordinating scholarly activities in all three Common Rooms I will report on this in more detail in the next issue of Hippocampus. Elsewhere on the musical front, highlights on the part of the students included a university orchestral concert featuring John Reddell, Trevelyan Fresher, as piano soloist in Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue; and Lucy Twine, second year, was the soloist in a violin concerto as part of a university concert programme which during the summer went on tour to Berlin, where Lucy got excellent reviews. Also on the road(!) were the newly-formed Trevelyan Chamber Choir, singing evensong at Ripon Cathedral and at York Minster; and in Michaelmas we had a wonderful inaugural concert from the Colleges new Chamber Orchestra, a classical ensemble of a standard that confirms Trevelyans musical distinction within the university. From the standpoint of our physical estate, the big story over the summer was the superb refurbishment of our kitchen and servery, along with a comprehensive redevelopment of the Sir James Knott Hall and the adjoining Dowrick Suite, repurposed as a small bespoke auditorium for musical, theatrical and literary recitals as well as academic symposia and when need arises for use as our very own cinema (see page 6). The redevelopment achieved many things but incurred endless delays and inconvenience heroically overcome by our wonderful Freshers Reps who once again gave the 2014 Freshers the inimitable Trevelyan welcome, paying immediate dividends in the current academic year. We now have really splendid social and recreational facilities, that highlight all-too-clearly how many of our bedrooms and bathrooms are overdue for refurbishment. I guess we cant have it all at once, but

    Principal, Prof. Martyn Evans

    Trevelyan is a happy place to be, a community in good heart (and indeed in good voice, of which more anon)


  • One thing we are hoping to have in reasonably short order is a new building for our fitness suite/gym, partly funded by the generous bequest from our founding Principal the late Miss Joan Bernard, with the remainder to be sought from our Fifty for 50 appeal (described elsewhere in this issue). This falls among our general aspirations for the Colleges fiftieth anniversary celebrations next year, for which planning is well under way thanks to a Committee that is ably served by Alumni ranging from Foundation year 1966 all the way up to graduates from last year! See Tash Gills more detailed report in the following pages. Finally, I have to report with great regret the departure during the year of our Chaplain, Revd. Dr Paul Regan, for an academic post in St Johns College. Whilst an excellent move for Paul individually, it does mean the end of a marvellous period of unbroken service on the part of a team of experienced College Officers. We are finalising the process of recruiting a new Chaplain under arrangements very similar to those previously obtaining. We will be fortunate indeed if we are able to reproduce Pauls contribution. Another memorable year, then, and as we approach our Golden Jubilee we continue to set the bar ever higher Which reminds me the Bar made a profit again! With my best wishes to you all, Martyn Evans Principal

    Principal, Prof. Martyn Evans


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    The renovation work in Trevelyan on the Dowrick Suite , Sir James Knott Hall, Dining Hall and the MASH room (the recording studio).

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    18- 20 September 2015 Reunion

    Please complete and return by Friday 28th August 2015: Personal Details: Title: First Name: ... Surname: Maiden Name: (if applicable) .. Contact Address: ..... . . Post Code: .. Telephone Day: Telephone Evening: .. Email Address: . Years in College: From . To ... Guest: First Name: . Surname: .... Name Badge (preferred name): Name Badge for Guest(s) (preferred name):

    Price per


    No. of People Total Cost Dietary/Other


    Friday 18th September

    Buffet Dinner 10.00

    B&B Single En suite 33.00

    B&B Single Standard 27.00

    B&B Twin Standard 44.00

    Saturday 19th


    Afternoon Tea foc

    Alumni Dinner 27.00

    B&B Single En suite 33.00.

    B&B Single Standard 27.00

    B&B Twin Standard 44.00


    Form of Payment: Please pay by cheque made payable to Durham University Please send completed form plus cheque by 28th August to: Natasha Gill, Alumni Office, Trevelyan College, Elvet Hill Road, Durham. DH1 3LN