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    SPY PEN 4GBIncredible Hidden Spy Pen Cam. Whether in your shirt pocket key in your pencil holder, or simplyplaced on a desk, no one will realize that it is a camera.This is it, the new technology V ideo spyandimage compression (AVI).Not to be confused with older models shoddy Visual.With us, nocompromise on quality, on price alone.

    The memory is 4GB (about 3 hours of recording) and the connection of USB 2.0 type for transferringyour files quickly and easily.The color video is encoded'''' in AVI format for the action with a buffersystem.Optimal picture quality 1028 Pixel!If the battery runs low during a recording session, the pencamera will ensure that the video is engraved to the flash memory before turning off.Of course, youcan simply use the object as a simple USB flash card to carry and transfer your files, regardless offormat or as a pen!The pen itself is of superior quality with elegant gold line.

    Stories that have inspired the creation of the Spy Pen Camera

    These spies who made history

    In The Romance of espionage, Vladimir Fdorovski evokes all the famous cases, 20s to today,

    Philby Putin, rythmrent relations between Russia and the Western world.

    Mikhail Koltsov, the fallen officer Stalin

    During the terrible 1930s, (...) the machine of terror now running at full speed. Everywhere,

    officers in charge of "legal" homes (working under diplomatic cover in embassies) or "illegal"

    (lacking this protection), as Dimitri Bystroletov, were recalled to Moscow. This was the case

    of the journalist's most famous Soviet Union, Mikhail Koltsov (...), a member of the editorial

    board of Pravda, founder and editor of the popular magazine Ogonyok, Krokodil, Za

    Roubejom, deputy of the Supreme Soviet and corresponding member of the Academy ofSciences. His unyielding determination can not realize its full potential in the unique context

    of his professional activities, he developed a passion for women and aviation. This "news

    correspondent" like no other also became the political advisor of the Spanish Republican

    government and aviation consultant. Ernest Hemingway introduced meanwhile under the

    pseudonym "Karkov" in his famous novel For Whom the Bell Tolls. Describing the meeting

    Karkov with his hero, Robert Jordan, Hemingway told the latter: "Karkov was the most

    intelligent man ... He had more brains and inner dignity, insolence and humanity no man ... "

    Mikhail Koltsov with the Spanish Republicans in 1937, a

    few months before his execution. (Photo credits: AKG-IMAGES)

    No wonder that a character of this magnitude became a reputable liaison of the Soviet secret

    services. He used to send her their number coded telegrams to Moscow and Stalin providing

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    information on the political and cultural personalities of Western Europe, based on "valuable

    source" as often say specialists services.

    When I asked the Commission to rehabilitate victims of the totalitarian regime and requested

    its president, Alexander Yakovlev, provide me file Koltsov, it broke a laugh unequivocal:

    "Looks more like the side of sources Secret Service! "

    What were these famous springs?

    In 1935, Koltsov was in constant contact with Elsa Triolet and Aragon, where he became the

    "dear friend." When the couple went to Moscow, Mikhail Koltsov was always at his side.

    Together, they went to work to prepare a convention, true high mass which Stalin would be

    missing prelate. On 21 June, the International Congress of Writers for the Defense of Culture

    gathered at the Mutuality of Paris a dazzling Areopagus of the greatest minds of the West. In

    reality, Stalin aspired to create a broad antifascist organization bringing together the most

    prominent European and American intellectuals. And rang the opening bars of the "Red

    Orchestra". The partition would be in turn signed by Willy Mnzenberg, member of theReichstag, one of the leaders of the Comintern propaganda parallel, by Henri Barbusse, by

    Upton Sinclair and Maxim Gorky, in the form of a manifesto against imperialist war. Koltsov

    (especially ideological and financial agent of the Kremlin), Aragon and Elsa Triolet were

    undoubtedly in the inseparable trio.

    If Congress was presented as a spontaneous initiative which the majority did not know she

    was manipulated by the Kremlin, telegrams Moscow in response to reports coded telegraph

    sent daily by the Soviet Embassy in the Kremlin, the NKVD and Comintern , informing the

    spirit of the meeting, indicated muted the conductors decisions that Congress should adopt.

    The success of the company diverted the attention of another is much more disturbing and

    symptomatic. Maxim Gorky was not allowed to go to Paris. However, Stalin had agreed to let

    Romain Rolland keep him company for a while. So they saluted both the Congress by a

    telegram. Henri Barbusse, meanwhile, returned to Moscow, galvanized by a sense of having

    done his duty of fighting, the French Communists, and especially Soviet, could be met.

    Beyond his reach policy it was to emphasize the need for unity of left forces in the "popular

    fronts" - this conference was intended to demonstrate strong support to Stalin on the eve of

    the Great Terror.

    Read Hemingway Karkov-Koltsov told his Spanish friends: "All those who feed the crazy

    idea to go against history, to stop the movement, get in the road of triumphant socialism will

    reduced to a bloody powder "As men of Stalin's secret police unmasked the" creeping fascismdogs' anger grew louder Koltsov:. "When rogues rise, the legal language properly called the"

    defendants, "he wrote of the room where it crashed Bukharin and his" accomplices ", when

    they stand up and begin either with downcast of repentant sinners, or with the cynical

    scoundrels experienced casually, to tell detail their monstrous misdeeds, we want to enter the

    throat these vile trash, stained with blood, to grasp and to justice itself. "

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    Koltsov close friends, Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet was

    the "useful idiots" of the USSR and the Comintern was using to manipulate the French

    intellectuals. (Photo credits: Keystone-France)

    Koltsov therefore put all his journalistic zeal to serve the "cause of the party." (...) It was

    undoubtedly related to the police policy-which was seen as glorious: keep in mind the famous

    Aragon poem in praise of Stalin's secret service, but it was not the resident, this role is held by

    persons enjoying diplomatic immunity or "illegal" as Dimitri Bystroletov-people passingunnoticed. Koltsov was too in order for it. However, he maintained close ties with the

    Comintern (and friendly relations with the President, the Bulgarian Dimitrov), he could make

    them very valuable service because it had access to no matter what sphere, where he recruited

    "friends." His charm and ease opened all doors to him. (The Soviet Union as a whole

    expected daily reports from Spain Koltsov ...).

    But in the spring of 1937, a diplomatic courier from Moscow arrived in Spain told his

    colleagues that, according to information the special direction of the NKVD had, Koltsov was

    "sold to the English" and had "provided secret information Lord Beaverbrook. " (...) The

    secret services of the Kremlin were preparing a grand "trial of diplomats." "Enemies of the

    people" would now be liquidated quietly, one by one. But for now were organizing the nextbloody spectacles: the case of diplomats, the case of lawyers, the case writers ... Of course, all

    applicants Koltsov knew the dock, he had all met in the Soviet Union and abroad. Everyone

    kept the same surface or close relationships with European and American worlds of politics,

    science, art and culture, but at the time, "relationship" meant "complicity".

    In addition, the French Communist Andr Marty, Plenipotentiary of Stalin, political

    commissar of the International Brigades, had a heated argument with Koltsov, and we know

    how the denunciations Marty addressed personally to Stalin bypassing the Comintern played a

    fatal role in the destiny of many foreign Communists and Soviet military leaders who fought

    in Spain. Deeply hurt by the "insult" that was publicly inflicted Koltsov, Marty sent Stalin a

    letter in which he accused the journalist of interfering in military matters and especially to

    have contacts with the Spanish Trotskyists. It also criminalizes Maria (last mistress Koltsov),

    which he called a "German spy."

    Caridad Mercader, whose son, Ramon, was later murdered Trotsky wrote, too, of ignominious

    reports Koltsov. Did she made on its own initiative or at the behest of his superior and lover,

    Leonid Eitingon future general of the KGB, who worked in Spain?

    In any event, it is transmitted to Moscow Eitingon that his denunciations. The spies who were

    working in Spain also accused Koltsov and its companion "relationship with the employee of

    the Intelligence Service, Eric Blair," which would also be known later as a great writer by thename of .. . George Orwell.

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    The secret police was the other concern Koltsov visits to Maxim Gorky, under the vigilant

    and continuous monitoring of Cheka. Each of these meetings was carefully recorded. And the

    trip was Koltsov with Malraux in Gorki, Crimea, will be officially criticized: we will charge

    him for having organized for the "purposes of espionage" to extract Gorky content of his

    conversations with Stalin and send the French intelligence services through Malraux! The

    police was also interested in contacts with Koltsov Antoine de Saint-Exupery, bound to it bytheir common passion for aviation. In short, a real scaffolding charges ...

    On Stalin's orders, Koltsov was shot.

    Vetrov and his wife, Svetlana, in Saint-Tropez in the 60s: attache USSR in France, he is

    registered with the DST soon as he arrived in 1965. (Photo credits: Antenna 2/Sipa)

  • 8/14/2019 Hidden Spy Camera Pen -Record a video


    Enjoy your Digital Spy Pen Camera

    TheDigital Spy Pen Camera is an amazing gadget with a remarkable ease of use.

    With its classic and elegant look, the Digital Spy Pen Camera will allow you to make videos

    seen or known.

    Ideal to find out what your colleagues think of you when you're not there.

    Stories that have inspired the creation of the Spy Pen Camera

    Decided to recruit 690 people in six years, the DGSE now prospecting in the top engineering

    schools and universities to find new recruits: scientists, linguists ... and more and more

    women. Central has agreed to open its doors to the Figaro Magazine.

    Crypto-mathematicians, engineers, computer security, interpreters communication data,

    biologists, chemists, but also experienced linguists, geographers, drivers, locksmiths or

    seamstresses ... Mysterious ship with 100 trades and 1001 masks, Directorate for External

    Security (DGSE) out of his immersion in deep waters to carry out the most ambitious

    recruitment company ever by the French secret service. As foreseen by the White Paper on

    defense and national security requested by Nicolas Sarkozy, the famous "Central" located

    boulevard Mortier in Paris must hire 690 workers additional shade in six years. A "bonus" or

    a boon at a time when the state budget is corseted ... The business of seduction that began in

    2009 and ends in 2014. Anxious to select some 420 engineers and technicians of the highest

    caliber, prospectors DGSE have developed a strong network with academic partners and

    unashamedly eyeing the large schools forming the future leaders of the Republic. Missions?

    Find new blood to debunk the clich of the spy returned from the cold, short-haired andwaterproof mastic.

    Isabelle, a mother of 30, embodies this generation. Look wise and angelic face, this engineer

    expert in image processing has not been raised in the culture of John le Carr. Quite the

    contrary. "In 23 years, I was far from the world of spies, before my first internship at the"

    Central ", I barely knew the acronym of the agency that employs me, she readily concedes.

    After seeing the machine capacity available to me, I applied and I became section leader with

    five specialists under my command. "Day, Isabelle images and intercepts encrypted messages

    circulating globally. In the evening she pampers her little baby. Only know that it is closest to

    the DGSE. The others believe in the phone ...

  • 8/14/2019 Hidden Spy Camera Pen -Record a video


    Since the beginning of the year, 80 cases at the

    entrance to the DGSE were shortlisted candidates. Among them, the spies of the future.

    (Photo credits: LE FIGARO MAGAZINE)

    "For two years, we are intensifying our canvassing at the exit of the Polytechnic of Central,

    the ENA or Sup Telecom says Sandrine, dynamic quadra wearing scarf and chic suit,

    responsible for managing jobs. At each meeting, we present his capacity to students,preferably with a member of the DGSE graduate from the same institution to establish the

    link. "These singular emissaries then reveal their activities with a brief slideshow. Then detail

    four or five positions. Foreign students from the class are not invited, security forces. "The

    reception was rather warm, friendly, says Sandrine. We argue quite specific strengths. Besides

    the prospect of exercising an extraordinary job, candidates are attracted by our technological

    tools, our computers, our systems of observation and interception among the most powerful in

    Europe. "" In France, the information is longer considered a shameful disease that should be

    hidden, "decrypts Nibourel Vincent, a lawyer by training, became director of human resources

    having knocked in Afghanistan and in the countries of the East. "At our English neighbors,

    which is known for ages that knowledge is power, Oxford or Cambridge cream press Desk

    Intelligence in order to get a job. We had to catch up, especially as we were one of the few

    services to have received no reinforcements since the attacks of September 11, "he says.

    Since the beginning of the year, the DGSE made 24 lectures in classes, reviewed 400

    nominations received in maintenance 200 graduates tray 4 or 5. Eighty of them have already

    been screened. Thirty elected undergo a battery of psychological tests and an oral exam where

    their response capabilities will be tested by cases unexpected and unsettling questions. "The

    most intuitive, using common sense and seduction, with a keen intelligence situations and

    intellectual flexibility, fast out of the lot, says Lawrence, responsible for career management.

    In our business chameleon, you have to unlearn and relearn better abandon their illusions

    without necessarily losing. We are looking for good white pages that we will fulfill. In anycase, we never play on the myth of the spy, because the effect would be catastrophic when the

    newcomers discover the reality. In a lifetime at the DGSE, we made two or three "james-

    bonderies". As Canadians say is the icing on the cake. "