hhw program – paint recycling. pat grogan - ecoflo, inc. hhw contractor since...

Download HHW Program – Paint Recycling. Pat Grogan - ECOFLO, Inc. HHW Contractor Since 2006 2013 Census = 974,300

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HHW Program Paint Recycling Slide 2 Pat Grogan - ECOFLO, Inc. HHW Contractor Since 2006 2013 Census = 974,300 Slide 3 Two Sites: North Raleigh and Holly Springs Six Days per Week (Monday Saturday) Eight Hours per Day 8 am until 4 pm Contact: Lowell Shaw (919) 856-7400 Wake County Solid Waste Department Slide 4 Comprehensive list of items accepted No Businesses Slide 5 Slide 6 Wake County contracts all on site HHW labor Converted from event format in 2009 Slide 7 HHW operations began in 1994 Provides HHW Staffing to: Wake County (2 sites) City of Durham Mecklenburg County (4 sites) City of Greensboro & Guilford County Single Day Events:>25 events per year Slide 8 Primary Materials Handled: Flammable Liquids Pesticides Bulbs Batteries Cleaners & Solvents (Acids & Bases) Auto Fluids Mercury related materials and debris AND Slide 9 PAINT !!!!!!!! Latex Paint Oil Based Paint Paint Related Materials (caulks, putties, etc.) Paint & Paint Related Materials can account for 60% to 70% of the materials collected. Slide 10 PAINT !!!!!!!! Slide 11 Maybe NOT!!!! Slide 12 PAINT Recycling Latex Paint Used Paint blended into new consumer paint Blended into Posi-Shell as a beneficial re-use for Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) Oil Based Paint Oil based paint is poured up, bulked and fuel blended known as a Waste To Energy (WTE) process. Slide 13 Slide 14 HHW facilities in Wake County are only open to residents of Wake County. Business waste is not allowed. Surveys are conducted to determine which communities are being served by the program. Slide 15 ECOFLO utilizes laboratory carts as initial spill containment upon unloading from vehicle. Unacceptable items are identified prior to unloading from citizens car. Slide 16 Slide 17 Paint not suitable for addition to posi-shell is separated and disposed by contractor. Slide 18 Upon verification of compatibility, ECOFLO employee bulks high btu material into suitable container for disposal via ECOFLOs fuels blending program Slide 19 ECOFLO personnel pour up latex paint received at Wake County HHW collection sites into 275-gallon totes for utilization at the South Wake Landfill as an additive to the alternate daily cover. Slide 20 Slide 21 Slide 22 Slide 23 Developing a PAINT Recycling Program Regulatory Considerations Quality Assurance Program (separating oil based from Latex) Working with NC DENR Operational Consideration Following manufacturers guidance Maintaining a sufficient supply of paint Within or out of county paint supply Slide 24 If you have any questions regarding a PAINT Recycling Program, please give me a call. Pat Grogan HHW Program Manager ECOFLO, Inc. Greensboro, NC 336-706-0099