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<ul><li> 1. Hero Character Outline NAME: Vir Appearance: Height: 8 feet, Weight: 460 pounds, Hair: White, Eye color: Blue.Character Exposition: Vir is a humble, helpful, hardworking, and never tells a lie Motivation: To change his fallen angle brother (Nex) back to good</li></ul> <p> 2. Hero Character Outline Trials: His brother Nex and the obstacles of trying to turn his brother to good without hurting himSkills/Power/Weapon: Vir can fly, persuade others, and carries a spear Divine Intervention: He received guidance from his dad (God Hesus) telepathically Lesson Learned: Things work out the way they should when someone is always honest and does the right thing 3. Antagonist Character Outline NAME: Nex Appearance: Height: 7 feet, Weight: 250 pounds, Hair: red and white, Eye color: white. Character Exposition: Brother of Vir and son of the God Hesus &amp; Goddess Mary. Originally named Lucifer, became Nex when he tried to overthrow Hesus. Motivation: To take over his fathers realm to fulfill his thirst for power 4. Antagonist Character Outline Trials: getting past the guards of heaven and trying not give in to his brothers waysSkills/Powers /Weapon: Sword, ability to turn into an angel, able to manipulate the minds of mortals Divine Intervention: Dad (Hesus) speaks in his head and to stop his evil ways Lesson Learned: His thirst for power makes him evil 5. Hero Comparison Vir &amp; Jason Hero Similarities: Kind Vir and Jason looked out for other people Courageous Vir and Jason push forward no matter the obstacle Humble Vir and Jason always admit when theyre wrong Focus Vir and Jason always maintain focus on the end goal</p>