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  • 1.Health care communications: 2012

2. Breakthrough year for health careEconomic, political and regulatory uncertainties willforce the health care industry to connect in a newway.In 2012 health care organizations will invest more inIT and rethink data-sharing with partners and evencompetitors. ** PwCs Health Research Institute 3. Looking back: 2011 trends in health care Focus on preventative care and wellness Empowered, engaged and better informed patients Advancement of health care 4. Focus on preventative care and wellness Health organizations are under pressure to reduce costs and demonstrate better care 5. Empowered, engaged and betterinformed patients e-Patients are increasingly powerful and active Of internet users look online for health80%information* Read someone elses experience about health issues 34%on an online news group, website, or blog Track their wellness indicators 27%(weight, diet, exercise) online Of patients go to social media for medical 41%content**94% Of them turn to Facebook* Pew Internet & American Life Project The Social Life of Health Information, 2011** National Research 6. Advancement of health care technology Surge of the use of smartphones and tablets inhealth care delivery Increased adoption of EHRs/ EMRs Strong growth of mHealth Swift expansion of telehealth, telemedicine andremote care monitoring 7. Close relationships between patients, HCPs, insurers, health care brands and general publicNew opportunities forhealth carecommunicators toengage and 8. 2012 Health Care CommunicationsTrends I. Increased role of social mediastrategiesII. Growing need for integratedcommunicationsIII. Explosive growth of mobilemarketingIV. Focus on measuring 9. I. Increased role of social media strategies To improve care delivery and health outcomes, health care organizations will pay a great attention to social 10. I. Increased role of social media strategies (contd)Experimental use ofTwitter, YouTube,Facebook and other socialmedia channels by healthcommunicatorsMore strategic digitalstrategies to recruitnew customers andincrease brand visibilityand 11. I. Increased role of social mediastrategies (contd)Challenges toTrends to consider overcome e-Patient engagement will Medical advice vs. medical force social media to evolve information Social media for medical Adverse event reporting providers Important safety information Online health care within restricting formats communities Privacy and 12. II. Growing need for integratedcommunications Traditional PR, digital strategies, advertising and marketing should complement and amplify each other Reach and engage patients, HCPs and other stakeholders in the efficient 13. III. Explosive growth of mobilemarketingThe adoption of mobiletechnologies by HCPs has beenfaster than by patients 81 % of doctors own a smartphoneand 25 % use tablets 40% of doctors use a medical app forwork 14. III. Explosive growth of mobilemarketing (contd) SearchReferral EmailHCPsmobileClinicalClinical notes use resourcesPatientEMR data 15. III. Explosive growth of mobilemarketing (contd) Mobile technologies allows HCPs and patients to access information on the goReach target audiencewhen they are open tobrand 16. IV. Focus on measuring successThe time of media clips and impressions is goneIn 2012 PR should : show the measurable value demonstrate how it supports business goals be highly targeted to influence key audiencesDiscuss how you measuresuccessbeforedeveloping 17. Last thought: Dont lose a personal touch With new technologies and new ways to communicate, dont lose a sight of personal focus. Health care communications are and will be about building strong 18. If you have any questions or comments, lets chat on