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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>And you thought it was the End??</p> <p>Not so soon the JERRneYHas only began..</p> <p>How could it be with such Torture from your end?</p> <p>Getting to hearThe same question</p> <p>Are you twins?Again &amp; again</p> <p>Was this crisis not enough..</p> <p>That noodles had to taste betterFrom your plate?</p> <p>That your accessories</p> <p>Seemed better to me always?</p> <p>That u had a great sense ofhumour</p> <p>In sad and happy days</p> <p>That you have been an ad for colgate</p> <p>Life and happy daysThat you seemed alwaysUp to some mischief in every space? </p> <p>That you have been an alibi forMe always</p> <p>What more can I say About my tormentorHmmm let me guessA great Gabbar.. No.. Doctor</p> <p>NSS member</p> <p>Wildlife photographer</p> <p>A tomboy</p> <p>World Record setter</p> <p>Poser</p> <p>And a Beautiful Mermaid</p> <p>To the best Sister in any race</p> <p>And This time I did not 4get d cake</p> <p>Happy AnniversaryBOKA</p>