happy birthday!

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  • 1. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I Love You!


  • You crazy, i love you, but you crazy
  • You got me smiling in my sleep

3. A best friend can tell you things, you dont want to tell yourself 4. Youre my life, my story and my song

  • Without you Ill be miserable at best

5. Rawwwwr! 6. Hairy Face These Days 7. A best friend is someone who youcould sit beside for hours and not say a word And walk away feeling like that wasthe best conversation youve ever had 8. Guess Who! 9. Oh Its You 10. Friendship isn't a big thing, Its a million little things 11. Say Cheese! 12. Were The Perfect Two 13. Best friends are siblings you make yourself 14. What Chu Doing Fool! 15. Your Silly! 16. Youre my best friend, which means no matter how late in the night it is, or how far away you are, when you need me, Ill always be there 17. Ill be your best friend until the very end, wiping all your tears away, being your best friend.Ill smile when you smile & feel all the pain that you do & if you cry a single tear, I promise Ill cry too 18. besites BEFORE boys 19. Sleepy Head! 20. Hakuna Matata

  • It means no worries, for the rest of your days

21. youre my forever & always xoxo