Happy 16th Birthday! :)

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<ul><li> 1. Dear Olivia Ann,</li></ul> <p> 2. On your16th Birthday, Ijust thought you should know a few things and that 3. Mother Dearest 4. MariaElizabeth 5. BabyElijah 6. Josh 7. Lisa Allison 8. Hannah Joy 9. Bruce 10. Sarah Rose 11. And 12. Kaylene 13. ALL OF US 14. LOVE YOU! 15. And yourcrazy faces 16. And Your Beautiful Personality! 17. These WeirdosLove You More than Anything! 18. P.S. Even though, you are a little bit taller than meJust a bit Youre still my baby sister and I love you so much!I miss you! I hope you have the best Sweet 16 ever!</p>