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DESCRIPTION At Direct Salon Equipment, youll find Australias most innovative & competitive range of salon furniture at unbeatable everyday low prices. Over 200 items to choose from with several ranges to make Direct Salon Equipment your One Stop Shop. Whether you need a one off item or a full salon refurbishment, DSE is there for you. Our staff have been professionally trained only to give you free expert advice but more importantly honesty & our main aim is for you to pass the word around and share the experience you received at Direct Salon Equipment.


<ul><li>1.Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentDirect Salon Equipment Monday to Friday Strictly By Appointment</li></ul> <p>2. Australias Wholesale Salon Equipment About UsWelcome Hairdressing/Beauty Professional.Direct Salon Equipment (DSE) is your ultimate source of Furniture and Equipment forhairdressing &amp; beauty salons Australia wide. Our world class furniture and equipment isunsurpassed in quality, design and value. Our mission is to offer the most beautiful andexclusive salon furniture and equipment at the most convenient price, direct from themanufacturer to the Salon Professional.Our head office in Melbourne is located just 15 mins from the CBD &amp; allows us to ship ourproducts to you, our valued customer within one business day. We welcome you to visit ourshowroom located at Unit 20, 25-27 Hocking Street, Coburg North, (strictly by appointmentonly) where you will find the finest selection in design furniture for your salon.Our complete confidence in our product allows DSE to offer you a 12 month warranty on allitems we manufacture. This offer excludes electrical items which are instead backed by a 6month warranty. As always, when you order a DSE product, you pick the colours, size, accentsand options. We do the utmost to make it to your specifications &amp; needs.Our experienced sales &amp; design team can assist you in the lay out of your floor plan thatmaximizes space, incorporate new services such as styling chairs, wash basins,styling wall units,front counters &amp; more. This complimentary service ensures that we can turn the sometimesdaunting task of creating a new salon into an enjoyable experience.Whether it be the purchase of a minor refurbishment or maybe even a complete fitout for yoursalon, DSE can also provide a broad range of finance alternatives to meet your needs. Newequipment can be the lifeblood of any salon. Why buy this equipment outright when you canhave the cashflow and tax benefits associated with leasing the equipment you need? Terms &amp;Conditions apply.We look forward to assisting you in turning the salon of your dreams into a reality.Kind Regards,Managing Director Monday to FridayStrictly By Appointment Only 3. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentLeave a Good need to have the right salon basins. A lot of hair treatments start withImpression withwashing of hair so you dont want toHigh-Quality Salon just disregard this one.Basins Sometimes, its all about making an impression. If you make a good one,How we do our hair affects our then you are off to a good start.overall look. People wear them There are customers who just wantdifferently sometimes according to to be treated like they are a royalty.their mood or their preference. On Most customers feel this waythe other hand, some people dontbecause this is the main reason whyhave a choice about their hairstylethey go to a salon in the first place, tobecause its a requirement with theirlook good and to be pampered well.job. Regardless, we are all consciousIf they see and experience that theyabout our flocks. Its no wonder thatare receiving a superb service underthis having a salon with proper salonthe hands of your talented staff andbasins and other essential equipment that the tools being used on them arecan be a lucrative business. of high-quality, they will definitely be impressed. That is why it is quiteBeing a salon owner means providingimportant to take your time inthe services that your customers thatchoosing the right basin to be used inyou are asking for. Not just any your salon.service but it should be somethingthat your customers would be happy Now, in finding the right one, thinkabout. In order for you to achieve about thetheme ofyourcustomer satisfaction, you shouldestablishment. You might want tohave all the necessary equipment incolor-coordinate or follow a certainyour salon for you to provide themotif to create that flattering look. Ofservice that your clients want. Andcourse, you need to prioritize thesince hair cut and treatment is one of quality. You might have to spend a lotthe most sought-after services, youif you choose a known brand but atMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment Only 4. Australias Wholesale Salon Equipmentleast you can be rest assured that itsenterprises without spending toogoing to last for a very long time. Youmuch, entrepreneurs may invest onalways buy cheaper ones but youquality wholesale beauty supplies.have to do a little research first to This article talks about a few tips inguarantee its durability. buying.It always pays if you take your time inPrimary Considerationsfinding the right salon equipment foryour business. You can always choose a. Before anything else, jot down andto buy from the nearest salon storefinalize the kind of services that youon your area. But if you dont findwould like to offer within your salon.that convenient at all, you can go to The most basic ones involve cateringthe internet and look for the one yougot your eyes on for a while. You canto the hair and nails, but mostshop from your own computer andestablishments now provide facialhave them deliver whenever you and skin care.want to. b. Go down to the specifics and figure out what kinds of tools andMaking Wiseequipment are required in order toInvestments with make the services available.Wholesale Beauty c. Find out how many persons yourSupplies staff could be able to cater to at a time to guide you on the quantity ofThese days, beauty salon businessesmaterials to purchase.are getting to become more popular d. Consider the space that you havesince a lot of men and women have so that you could be able to find thealready embraced the importance of right shapes and sizes that fit.aesthetics in their overall wellness. Inorder to compete with other Monday to Friday Strictly By Appointment 5. Australias Wholesale Salon EquipmentBudgetOnline Shoppinga. Establish a reasonable spendinga. These days, plenty of merchantsallowance ahead of time.also market via the web.b. Study each item in the list of b. Browse different websites ofproducts that you have prepared reliable sellers and find out whetherearlier.they offer the items that you requireat a cheaper rate.c. Find out about the reliable brandsand manufacturers available and alsoc. See to it that you only visit thetake note of their usual price ranges.websites that are guaranteed to betrusted and secure. Never hand outShopping Tipsyour personal and credit details fora. Most of the time, buying thingspayments if you are unsure of thethat are wholesale also means bulk. See to it that you are alreadyAdditional Adviceaware of the quantity that you needin order to save money. a. If you are unsure about theproduct quality, you may purchaseb. Look for reliable vendors in yourjust one item at first them buy thearea. Approach each one of them,rest later.present them with the list ofmaterials that you need, and askb. See to it that you are aware of thethem to provide you with their sellingreturn and exchange policies beforeprices. you buy.c. Pick the ones that could be able toFinding affordable yet quality beautyoffer you affordable rates. salon equipment can allow you toserve your clients in the mostMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment Only 6. Australias Wholesale Salon Equipmenteffective ways. It also allows your and they will become patronize yourstaff to work at their best. Follow the shop, you need to provide hightips mentioned above to guide you.quality services as well as neededfacilities. You dont have to spend bigfunds to make a purchase on thenecessary products that your shopdefinitely needs. Beauty products canOnline Beauty be bought inexpensively over theSuppliers Offer the web. Indeed, online stores offerBest Dealsreasonably priced merchandise;therefore, you should prefer to buyIn this modern world, people are very items from the online sellers.conscious about their outward Buying products in a wholesale is anbeauty thats why salon businessesideal choice to make because thecontinue to increase. Owning a hair prices are being more reduced. If youand beauty parlor is easy if you have regularly need beauty items, thenthe knowledge and experience on procure them over the web to avail ofhow to provide proper and effective amazing benefits. You will really havemanagement. Another thing is that immense savings if you order items inyou must have a great source of the bulk quantity. Wholesale prices areessential beauty products to be usedreally beneficial to the businessin your parlor operations. Find proprietors who have small budget tobeauty suppliers that offer best dealsthe things necessary to their the internet to get a huge discountand perks.Getting the best deals is certainlypossible when you choose to shop inIn order make certain that thethe cyber market. Theres no betternumber of your clients will increaseplace than the internet. If you aim to Monday to Friday Strictly By Appointment 7. Australias Wholesale Salon Equipmenteffortlessly shop for the vital from your budget. It is effortless toproducts needed in your business, get hold of the supplies that yourthen visit online dealers and request parlor needs to have.for your orders. Premium productsare the ones that provide your salonbusiness with terrific results. Yourclients will continue to patronize yoursalon once their expectations aremet.Whenever you plan to buysomething, you already know whereto go to get unbelievable discountrates. In the World Wide Web,consumers can find a lot of promosand sensible offers thats why theychoose to buy the things they wantthrough online transaction. Anyonecan get quality deals online that couldmake them satisfied of the thingsthey procured by means of onlineshopping.You can really tell the differencewhen you look for beauty suppliesonline as compared to conventionalplaces. Find the necessary salonequipment or items in the internetand you will absolutely save moneyMonday to FridayStrictly By Appointment Only </p>