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H12/1/11; T11/25/08 ; T12/11/07 ; T12/5/06 ; T12/6/05. Growing Sectionalism: Impact of the Kansas-Nebraska Act ( Ch. 14.1 & 14.2 ; pp. 384-393). I. Uncle Toms Cabin - 1852. Harriet Beecher Stowe (MA) fictional account of slavery Simon Legree cruel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>H12/1/11; T11/25/08; T12/11/07; T12/5/06; T12/6/05 </p> <p>H12/1/11; T11/25/08; T12/11/07; T12/5/06; T12/6/05</p> <p>Growing Sectionalism: Impact of the Kansas-Nebraska Act(Ch. 14.1 &amp; 14.2; pp. 384-393)</p> <p>I. Uncle Toms Cabin - 1852Harriet Beecher Stowe (MA)fictional account of slaverySimon Legree cruelslave families; loyalty of slavesmore northern sympathy for slaveswidely read 300K copies in 1852; 1.2M by summer of 1853plays, popularabolitionist angered S banned in SLincoln: So youre the little lady who started this war</p> <p>II. Election of 1852Pierce (Dem-NH)Scott (Whig-VA)John Hale (Free Soil) only 5%Dems can win in N, if candidate does not oppose slaveryWhigs only receive 35% of S. vote (compared to 50% in 1848)more regional vote harder to retain non-sectional ties</p> <p>III. Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854A. Roots Gadsden Purchase -1853transcontinental RRS. routepurchased land for $10M from Mex.many N. upset want N route</p> <p>III. Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854 (cont.)B. Douglas Proposal 1854wants N. transcontinental RR Chicago would be hubneed S. supportopen K-N to possibility of slaverypop. sov. in territoriesbelieve Kan- slave; Neb freewould continue sectional balance</p> <p>III. Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854C. ResponseS: happy open to slavery [allowed for possibility of slavery]N: betrayed MO Compromise (36-30 line)power of slaveocracyhelps create Republican Party</p> <p>IV. Creation of Republican Party 1854opposed to spread of slaverynot abolitionists [although included abolitionists]strictly regional partybuilt on earlier parties: Liberty, Free Soil</p>