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<p>Guided Reading</p> <p>Compiled by Tawna Robinson, Diane Jensen, Jody Sulser, and Jodi ErvinGuided ReadingPurpose:</p> <p>Help readers to develop reading behaviors and strategies that will support them in becoming proficient readers</p> <p>Explicitly teach skills based on students needsGuided ReadingTeachers Role:Determine groups based on assessments and needsSelect and introduce textMay observe and listen to individual students while they readPrompt the reading at points of difficultyTeach specific focused skills after the readingExplicitly teach word attack/acquisition skillsGuided Reading</p> <p>Reasons to group:Need or skillReading LevelInterest Level</p> <p>Size and Frequency:Four to six studentsFlexible groupingFrequency varies depending on purposeBefore Guided Reading</p> <p>Assessments:What assessments will be used and how?Formal:DRASTARSRINWEAInformal:Oral Reading RecordAnecdotal Notes</p> <p>Before Guided ReadingText Selection Considerations:Is the text at their instructional level?Do students have background knowledge for text?Will the book be of interest to the students?What skills/strategies do I want to teach?What vocabulary will I teach?Read the Book!Before Guided Reading</p> <p>Book IntroductionPass Out BooksTeacher Listens/Watches While Students ReadTake Anecdotal NotesDuring Guided Reading</p> <p>DiscussionComprehension ProbesTeaching PointsEvaluation/ReflectionAfter Guided ReadingStudents Role:May whisper read part or whole text at the table with teacherActively apply the new skills being taughtMake use of their comprehension skills before, during, and after readingReflect on and evaluate their reading performance and skill useGuided Reading</p>