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a presentation of possible multimedia projects to be done in schools from primary through secondary levels.


<ul><li>1.1StoryTelling!Multimedia in the Classroom</li></ul> <p>2. 2What are stories?The Visual NarrativeQuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture. 3. 3Modern studentsVisually educated. You Tube, Computers, TV.They can interact with the screen, but maynever get the chance to CREATE!Multimedia enhances storytelling ability and somuch more 4. 4Define Item TaskMultimedia Project TypesPodcasts, Radio shows, PowerpointsPhotostories, Comics, Stop-Motion animationMoviesCan you produce them all? 5. 5Dennis the Menace 6. 6Perhaps the order could behammer, boxes, water,tower?or any other combination 7. 7Teaching MultimediaStart as simply as possible -Draw a picture - Record your descriptionAct out a drama and take photosMake your own comic - Plasq Comic Life 8. 8Photo comics 9. 9Comic LifeIs this easy enough? 10. 10Photostory as GaeilgeQuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture. 11. 11Camera Angles 12. 12RadioPromo for Glranna Scoile 13. 13Movie GenresWittyDarkHorrificWhimsical / weird 14. 14Movie Genres - FunnyQuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture. 15. 156th class,2nd yr / TYNo exam pressuresLots of energyLots of enthusiasmsome classes may have limited scope(e.g. Gaeilge in TY - cannot proceed to L.C. work as will leaveincoming fifth years behind)A great alternative to field trips! School or locality based 16. 16Multimedia inClassroomsMany jobsMany skillsMany actorsOne Location - ClassroomBruascar 17. 17K.I.S.S. Do ONE!Watch short films to get a feel for thegenre.Sources:IFB short shorts, Gearrscannin, competition organisers otherschools, on line, Downloads.Script it! - Celtx free scriptwriting softwareWrite simple stories as storyboards / treatments e.g.Boy buys robots, robots lead to all sorts of crazy people, including a mysterious old man withhis dads old sword, a space ship and a long lost sister, blow up the bad guys at the end, thisis only part one!Draw pictures and lists so everyone knows their job!Rehearse the lines so they feel natural. 18. 18On LocationPLAN, PLAN, PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.Visit the location with camera crew.Decide what shots happen in each place. 19. 19Fact or Fiction?QuickTime and adecompressorare needed to see this picture. 20. 20Essential KitA Camera. (Use what you have)Tripod, Mics and Boom(fishing pole!)Lights for faces or dark places.Storyboard of shotsspares of everything including time.Food for everyoneRain gear. 21. 21ExpectationsGreat funA busy timeA product which will last in minds andinspire others. 22. 22ResourcesYourself and your class. FreeFs (online filmmaking resource)FreeWindows Photostory 3 or i-photo(Mac) FreeWindows MovieMaker or i-movie(Mac) FreeIrish Film Board, local cinemas,, google video, youtube. Freemac forums, icreatemagazine. Free 23. 23CostsTime: Your students give theirs freeTalents of the whole classCould be free!Should cost no more than 30 per student fora two day aided shoot, Edit time and DVDfor each student. Blooper reel too.Local businesses can be worked into shotsand help cover costs! 24. 24Who can help? </p>