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  1. 1. Savannas have comfortable weather year round.There are 2 very different seasons in the Savanna.One, is a long, dry, rainless season (winter), the otheris a wet, cold season (summer), which is oddcompared to us. In the winter, the hot season, mostof the trees and plants die, and the waterholes andrivers dry up and all of the animals migrate to findfood.
  2. 2. Savannas are always found in warm climateswhere the annual rainfall per year is fromabout 50.8-127cm (20-50 inches). A regularSavanna is fairly warm but unfortunately hasnot enough rain for trees to grow.
  3. 3. Central North AmericaCentral RussiaSiberiaAfricaSouth AmericaSouth IndiaNorthern Australia
  4. 4. Grasslands and Savannas are scattered allaround the world. They are located incentral North America, central Russia andSiberia, Africa, South America, South Indiaand Northern Australia. All togetherGrasslands cover about 15-20% of theEarths surface.
  5. 5. Here are a few of the grassland animals CheetahEmu GiraffeMongoose ElephantsNile Crocodile Cape Buffalo Koala Bear RhinoBaboon ZebraBlack Mamba TermiteCricket LeopardNigriceps Ants Lion Hyena MeerkatAntelopes Wild Dog Ostrich Aardvark Snakes GazelleImpala Harvester ants Mice
  6. 6. Mongooses are usually found in the grasslands of Africa. They aregenerally terrestrial mammals, but some are semi-aquatic and othersare at home in the treetops. Ranging in size from 7 inches long(18cm long dwarf mongoose) to 2 foot long (60cm long Egyptionmongoose).They normally have brown or gray grizzled fur and ringedtails. They live in burrows and feed onrodents, birds, reptiles, frogs, insects, and worms. Some supplementtheir diet with fruit, nuts, and seeds. They have been seen breakingintobirds eggs and throwing them away, aiming for a hard, solidobject.
  7. 7. Elephants are the largest land mammals on Earthtoday. There are elephants that live in Africa andelephants that live in Asia. African elephants are largerthan Asian elephants and have larger ears. Males arecalled bulls, females are called cows and babyelephants are called calves. Elephants stop feedingfrom their mother at about 2 years old and get theirguidance from other adult elephants in their herd.Elephants are herbivores, and feed onfruits, vegetables, leaves, grass, seeds, weeds andother plants. Elephants have more than 50,000muscles in their trunk!!!!
  8. 8. Some plants of the Grasslands are:Acacia SenegalJackalberry TreeKangaroo PawWhistling ThornRiver BushwillowGum Tree EucalyptusJarrah TreesBaobabRed Oat GrassStar Grass
  9. 9. The Eucalyptus Gum Tree usually grows in the savannas ofAustralia because the cold weather does not allow theexistence of the tree. The Eucalyptus Gum Tree grows froman average of 20-30 feet tall. They can live through thelongest periods of drought and usually grow in more sandyparts of the grasslands. The Eucalyptus Gum Tree providesa huge amount of shade for the animals. Only 15 otherspecies of Gum Trees are living outside Australia. Doctorsaround Australia use Eucalyptus in medicines to cure sorethroats, colds, flus, infections and aches.
  10. 10. The whistling thorn is commonly seen in the East Africa. It can grow to 18feet tall but is often stunted in its growth. It protects itself with its 3 inchlong thorns.During the winter (dry season) it will drop all its leaves to conserve water.At the beginning of the summer (rainy season) creamy white flowersbloom before leaves grow back.The blossums look like puffballs. They resemble the mimosa tree that arein the same family as the whistling thorn
  11. 11. SunGrass Grasshopper Toad Snake Hawk
  12. 12. LionVultureHyenaCheetahGiraffe Elephant ZebraGazelleGrassTrees Shrubs
  13. 13. Most of the animals of the grasslands have long legs or wings tomigrate long distances. Savannas cover more than 2 fifths of Africa Elephants listen through the ground, they can pick up thevibrations from the ground to identify other elephants.
  14. 14. MAIN:Blue planet biomesOTHERMbgnet.netClimate