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  1. 1. The Fault In Our Stars Photo Essay Cassidy MacDonald
  2. 2. This picture represents the beginning of the story, when Hazel (The protagonist) was sick mentally and physically. She was depressed and feeling as if there wasnt much of a point in living with her cancer anymore. Hazel just wanted to stay at home and not talk to anyone. All of her friends were in school still, but she was a 16 year old dropout because of her illness.
  3. 3. This next picture shows a man comforting the person hes holding. I used this to represent Hazel going to her support group, where they all comfort and help each other through their cancer/personal problems. In the book she says her Mom always makes her go and that it was usually more depressing than helpful. This time was different.
  4. 4. I chose this picture because it shows a girl noticing a boy, which is exactly what happened at Hazels support group that day. There was a new guy there named Augustus Waters. He just went to support his friend Isacc who happened to be her friend as well. They both were very interested in each other, so he invited her to go to his place to watch a movie.
  5. 5. I chose this picture to represent how happy Hazel was when her and Augustus began seeing quite a lot of each other. They became very close and he was easily the most important person in her life.
  6. 6. After Augustus told Hazel he would use his wish on her, all of Hazels doctors werent sure if they should let her go on the long trip. After awhile of convincing, she finally was allowed to go. So I used this picture to show how happy and excited she was that her disease wouldn'tt stop her from having her dream come true.
  7. 7. I chose this picture to show how eager Hazel was to go fly and meet her favourite author of all time, with her favourite boy by her side.
  8. 8. I chose this picture to represent how disappointed she was to find out that the author of her favourite book was just some mean drunk, who wouldnt answer any of their questions. Hazel also felt bad that Augustus used his wish for nothing.
  9. 9. I used this photo to represent Hazel and Augustus finally kissing while at the Anne Frank display. I also chose it because this kiss took place during the second world war, which created a lot of despair. I thought it was fitting because both Hazel and Augustus life's have been a war against cancer, but they still had each other.
  10. 10. I used this photo to show how Hazel felt when Augustus told her that his cancer was back, and it was everywhere. She knew that there was almost no chance of him surviving it, and there was nothing she could do about it.
  11. 11. I chose this photo to show how lonely and reckless Hazel felt after Augustus passed away. She had been expecting a call in the middle of the night saying he was gone for weeks, and it finally happened.
  12. 12. I chose this picture to represent the part of the book where Augustus funeral took place, and her family and Issac were there to support her. Also afterwards her and Issac spent some time together, trying to move on from their loss.
  13. 13. I chose this picture to represent the search of whatever Augustus had been writing for her, or so she was told he had been. It was if she was blind, bcecause she had already looked in every possible place it could be. She began losing hope that he had even been able to write anything.
  14. 14. I chose this as the last picture because Hazel was feeling both of these emotions. She finally got the writing that Augustus had done, which made her feel more content. In the last paragraph he says that he hopes Hazel is happy with the choices she has made. Hazel says yes, she is happy.