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  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Google Photos Account


  • Update your APP Current Version 4.9.0

  • Current Technology

  • Film Cameras

  • Pictures Taken 1B/day uploaded GP

  • Family Album

  • How do you store your pictures?

  • Found that CD’s lasted longer than DVD’s but both started to fail after 20 years

  • Why is it so hard to store photos?● Changing Technology – Pictures-Slides- Digital● Labeling- Name- Date- Place Time Consuming

    ( Example Gail and Ron Rv)● Uploading- requires backup strategy ● Where to put files- Drop Box-Gdrive- One Drive● How to Synch them- Multiple Family Members● Who can see you photos?● Archive- After death

  • What is Google Photos?

    ● A service to organize and store your photos● Helps people who take lots of pictures and

    videos● Works on all devices- Smartphones, Tablets and

    Laptops● Enjoy sharing memories with others● Don’t enjoy working to manage your photos

  • Photo Sharing

    Picasa- Photo Editing Software - Web AlbumsFlicker- Yahoo - Sold to Verison - Sold to SMUG MUG April/2018Facebook---------

  • What's happening to Picasa & Picasa Web Albums?

    ● After Picasa is retired:● Picasa should continue to work anywhere it's installed, and you

    don't need to take any action.● There won't be any more updates to Picasa.● Picasa will no longer be available for download.

  • Google Photos

    ● Create albums● Share photos ( Suggested Sharing)● Share Libraries ● Edit photos● Search your photos for people, places, and things

  • Google Photos is a Shoe Box

    Stored in Chronologic order

  • Who can use it Google Photos?Works across all platforms

    ● Android Users● IOS Users● Windows Users● Kindle Fire - 3rd party● Unix- Web Based

  • Where is it found? FREE

    ● Two Versions PC(Web Based) vs App● App works best● Linked to your Google Account - Gmail● Pre- installed on all new Android Phones● IOS users- App @ Itunes Store● Android users- App @ Play store● Windows User- Gmail Account


  • Google User Account

  • Google One

  • Google Search


  • Saving Space on your Phone

  • Share PhotosShare Albums and Accounts

  • Live Albums

    The number of photos and videos you can store in a private Google Photos Live Album has increased from 10,000 to 20,000

    Live Albums use Google’s object recognition technology to automatically identify specific people or pets and group them together into an album.

  • Captions in Photo Books

  • Photo Editing in Google Photos

  • Advanced Color Pop - Android APP

  • Edit Google Photos Snapseed

    ● SnapseedNik originally launched Snapseed on the iPad in June 2011, and it was named iPad App of the Year 2011 by Apple. Building on the success of the iPad version, Nik launched Snapseed for the iPhone in August 2011. Later, on February 27, 2012, Snapseed was announced for Microsoft Windows.

  • Upload old Photos- Only WEB Version

  • Backup Strategy- Cell Phone Data

    ● Icloud● Drop Box● Verison● Google Photos


  • Google Photos Backup

  • Photoscan by Google

    Photoscan will be Will be addedTo the menu

  • Google Photos Book

    (7-inch, 20 pages) will cost you $10, while the more premium hardcover (9-inch, 20 pages) is $20. Unfortunately, you're only able to buy one if you're in the US, and there's

    no word on whether Google plans to bring the service elsewhere anytime soon.

  • Google Photos can now identify your pets

    You’ll now see your pets grouped alongside the other people that the Google Photos app has identified

    You can give your animals a name in the app so you can quickly search for that picture way back when they were a puppy or a kitty

    Google started making funny cat and dog videos from the pictures saved in your Google Photos library.

    Google Photos has six pet-inspired songs to choose from in the movie editor and you can pick specific pictures to be included.

  • What is this picture?

  • Google LensGoogle’s AI-powered camera tool can now recognize over a billion items

    There’s also a crossover between Google Lens and Maps this time around, which will add AR to Street View and help you navigate in real time.

    Shopping ItemsWifi NetworksPlaces and Geometric ShapesBusiness Cards- OCR



  • Questions ?Silvercom Computer and Technology Club

    Google Photos

    Ron Brown [email protected]

  • Adding description to Photo

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