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APP For Photo Editing(for iphone)1155067295 GAO Qingwen

IntroductionSnapseed is a smart and professional photo editing app for mobile journalists.

Mobile journalists take photos by cell phone and post them to the web page in a short time. However, some cell phone shooting photos are not good enough to post and needed some kind of adjustments.

Advantages: comprehensive editing functionshigh quality save formateasy to create strong and personal effects

Disadvantages:few filtersoperation complexity


Some photos edited by myself

How to use it?

1)Open a photo in the album

Or you can take a new one

Push icon of editing:

The first Page:You can make general adjusting, including exposure, sharpen, crop, highlight, shadow, etc

The Second Page:Filters and borders

In each part of the editing, you can adjust the intensity to create different effects.

It can be saved as a copy or adjust on the raw photo.

Enjoy yourselves!