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  • Jill Hopke


    Post-Produc2on in Snapseed

  • Overview

    Post-produc6on workflow

    Snapseed workspace

    Image enhancement specifics

    Export Images

    Addi6onal training resources

  • Post-Produc2on Workflow

  • Open image Crop and adjust alignment Tune image Consider any filters Output image Share or Save

    Suggested Workflow

  • Ge:ng Started

  • iTunes for iPhone / iPad: hKps://

    GooglePlay Store for Android: hKps://

    Download Snapseed App

  • Open Image to work with

  • Snapseed workspace

  • Crop Image

    First tap format icon to choose aspect ra6o

    Then, tap and drag the edges of the crop area to resize

    Reposi6on crop by tapping and dragging the crop area to the desired loca6on

  • Adjust and Correct

  • Tune func6on (click edit icon in lower right)

    Brightness: Darken or lighten Contrast: Increase or decrease the overall contrast

    Satura2on: Add or remove vibrancy to the colors

    Ambiance: Adjust the balance of light

    Shadows: Darken or lighten only shadows

    Highlights: Darken or lighten only highlights

    Warmth: Add a warm or cool color cast fully image

  • Applying Tune func6ons

    In each tune func6on o Swipe right to increase the value

    o Swipe le( to decrease the value

  • Selec6ve adjustments

    Precise enhancements to specific areas

    Select adjustment, then tap the desired area of the image Brightness Lighten or

    darken the selected area Contrast Increase or

    decrease contrast of the selected area

    Satura1on Increase or decrease color vibrancy of selected area

  • Allows non-destruc6ve edi6ng

    Stacks func6on (upper right #): o Allows changing all Tools and Filters applied to image

    o Copy and paste edits between images

    o Add addi6onal Tools and Filters,

    o Adjust slider sebngs

  • Output Images

  • Save op6ons

    Save: o Save non-destruc6ve edit stack on original image

    Save a copy: Save non-destruc6ve edit stack on duplicate image (JPEG).

    Export: Save duplicate image,

    with edit stack flaKened (JPEG).

  • Share op6ons

    Share the image by tapping icon in upper right and select Share

    Integrates with a variety of social pladorms

  • Further Resources

  • World Press Photo guidelines on manipula6on: hKp://


    Na6onal Press Photographers Associa6on Code of Ethics: hKps://

    Ethics of Digital Edi6ng: How much is too much?

  • Some tutorials are available at: hKp://



    Further Learning Resources

  • Ques6ons?

    Jill Hopke [email protected]