good fences make good neighbors - the importance of team boundaries

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Studies have shown that the members of many teams are not clear who all their teammates are. This problem reduces team performance and can cause projects to fail. The presentation looks at exactly why unclear boundaries hurts project teams and gives suggestions for how to fix the problem. The suggestions are useful to any team without relying on any tool. However there are area also screenshots showing how to use a unique online project management tool called MetaTeam to firm up team boundaries. MetaTeam provides features that help teams organize themselves better and work smarter.


  • 1. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Why Team Boundaries Are Important David KershawVP, Cloud ServicesAltova GmbH

2. There Are 2 Types of Teams In The World We carefullycultivated this team!Of course were on a teambecause, well, look around everything that happens here isa team. Right?Im on 5 teams. Or is 6 teams?Which would you think works better? 3. Studies Have Looked For Team BoundariesAt least No, actually25% of team members arent sureits more like 10%who dois on the team! know who is on the team !Frequently they are hard to find! 4. Why Are Boundaries Important?The boundarygives us spaceto do thingsour way And there are more reasons for boundaries. For instance 5. If Everyone Is On The Team Then No One Is My bossI have stuff topointed medo over therein another directionCommitment becomes a big problem!Why are boundaries important? 6. Who Do You Ask For What You Need?I really needmore information!I can dig thatup for you! Why are boundaries important? 7. Too Many Communication Channels5 new teammembers!Pass it on. What? Howmany?Limiting team size can increase performance. See the Mythical Man-monthWhy are boundaries important? 8. If Everyone Is On The Team, Is Everything In Scope? Black & white is Brown is in scope!in scope too!Tan is in definitelyin scope!Or, if anyone can be on the team, cant anything be in scope?Why are boundaries important? 9. 4 Boundaries Provide For Good Teamwork1. Who is in the organization2. Who is on the team3. Who is assigned to what role4. Who is participating in what work 10. Teamwork Should Be Fractal I know what myrole is!Im working ona task! I can see who myteammates are!At any level of detail, the boundaries should be clear. 11. There Is 1 Magic Ingredient For Good BoundariesIt is complete clarity. But clarity also implies consistency! 12. How Do You Give Teams Clear Boundaries?The screenshots are fromMetaTeam!Some suggestions 13. Recognition Is Important To TeamworkMake it easy to find peopleTheir teams, andThe work they are assignedSo they will stay focused.Try this here! Learn more here! 14. Membership Should Have PrivilegesMake membership clearAnd limitedSo membership is opportunityTry this here! Learn more here! 15. Membership Should Also Have Responsibilities Assign detailed roles To every member So responsibilities are handled, Members know who can help, And what to do.Try this here! Learn more here! 16. Alignment Is A Synonym For CollaborationSet clear goals,Assign each to 1 owner,Align contributing rolesWith clear responsibilitiesAnd collaboration happensTry this here! Learn more here! 17. Thank you!David KershawVP, Cloud ServicesAltova GmbH


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