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    The Meadows Monthly The Meadows Independent & Assisted Living Community

    2300 SE 28 th St, Bentonville, AR 72712 479 273-9969

    www.TheMeadowsInBentonville.com www.themeadows.smugmug.com

    October 2018

    Going Nuts

    Match the name of the nut to the picture.

    The Many Benefits of Nuts

    Nuts are great as energy-boosting snacks and crunchy, flavorful additions to cooked dishes. They are nutritional powerhouses, rich in protein, fiber, calcium, and other nutrients.

    Almonds have more fiber and protein, than any other nuts; they are even good for your heart. Toasting improves their rather chewy texture and mild flavor. Sliced or slivered almonds add an elegant touch to everyday green beans, and ground almonds make a delicious nut butter.

    Cashews sprout from the bottom of a cashew apple, the fruit of a tropical evergreen tree. Because their shells contain an irritating oil, they are always sold shelled. Cashews have less fat than most other nuts. They are also common in baked goods and Asian meat dishes.

    Hazelnuts are mostly grown in Turkey and pair well with chocolate and coffee. The nuts are sweet and complement meats and sweets equally well.

    Peanuts are the most popular nuts in the United States. Most peanuts are made into oil or ground into butter, but they are delicious eaten out of hand.

    Pecans have an especially high fat content. And have a rich, creamy, buttery taste. This nut is often used in pies and candies.

    Nuts such as pistachios are high in calcium and walnuts are high in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.


    Nut Month

    Corn Month

    Pumpkin Month

    Healthcare Foodservice

    Workers Week October 1-6

    Columbus Day October 8

    Clergy Appreciation

    Day October 14

    National Bosses Day

    October 16

    Breast Cancer Awareness


    Halloween October 31

    http://www.activityconnection.com/uc/subscriber/Sept10/IMAGES/ClipArt/Autumn10.jpg http://www.activityconnection.com/uc/subscriber/Sept10/IMAGES/ClipArt/Autumn10.jpg http://www.activityconnection.com/uc/subscriber/Sept10/IMAGES/ClipArt/Autumn10.jpg http://www.activityconnection.com/uc/subscriber/Sept10/IMAGES/ClipArt/Autumn10.jpg

  • “Make pumpkin bread as the default gift for

    everyone. It is cheap, it is beloved, it’s carbs.”

    ~ Karen Bender, novelist

    Going Nuts Answers:

    A. Walnut – 9 B. Peanut – 4 C. Cashew – 8 D. Brazil nut – 10 E. Macadamia – 6 F. Acorn – 7 G. Almond – 1 H. Pecan – 5 I. Pistachio – 3 J. Chestnut – 2

    Pumpkin Pull-Apart Bread


    3/4 cup Pumpkin puree

    1 Egg, large

    2 tsp Cinnamon

    1/2 cup Granulated sugar

    1/2 cup Powdered sugar

    1 tsp Pumpkin pie spice

    1 tsp Vanilla extract

    3 tbsp milk

    1 can Pillsbury “Grands” biscuits

    Flu Shots! It’s time for flu shots!

    Wednesday, October 17th at 8:30am in our private dining room, 1st floor. If you have already filled

    out your forms you are all set! If you still need to do

    so please see Kaylee / Director of Nurses

    or any nurse on duty.

    The Meadows Happenings .

    Farmer’s Market! Over the summer & fall months our residents have had

    a great time on a Saturday morning

    at the local Farmer’s Markets!

    Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2018 Saturday, September 8th we participated in the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s event. We are grateful to everyone who came out to the NWACC campus and braved the rainy weather. To everyone

    who generously contributed to our team, THANK YOU for helping to raise awareness for this worthy cause!

    “Pie in the Face” During the week of September 9-15 we

    celebrated National Assisted Living Week! “As American As Apple Pie”

    Tuesday, September 11th we concluded our fundraising for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s

    with smashing pie in the faces of Odessa West, Megan Cosgrove, Ray Scott & Tara Facio our “winners” of the campaign. Odessa raised the most money, over $100! Residents enjoyed a treat of apple pie ala mode and we all enjoyed

    the beautiful day!

  • .

    Grandparent Hour

    We LOVE "Grandparent Hour"--our intergenerational program with DOCK Preschool and Character Kids After school Program. We visit several times a month to read, play, interact and build relationships.

    Then they visit us to do special activities and service projects. Such a fun and meaningful way to bridge the generations!

    Trick or Treat! Residents: Looking for a way to check out some

    of the scariest, silliest, and cutest kids in costume? Bring a bowl of candy to the dining

    room on Wednesday, October 31st, from 4:30-6:30pm

    Friends and Families: Looking for a safe place with a captive audience? Bring the kids by for

    an easy all-in-one trick-or-treat stop! What a win-win! Everyone gets to enjoy the

    night, without stress, strain, weather or worry! October 31st, 4:30-6:30pm in our Main Dining Room

    Meadows Happenings…Cont…

    Quilt Show! Friday, October 19th


    Our residents and resident’s families are invited to show off their beautiful handmade quilts!

    To those showing off quilts please bring them to The Meadows before Oct. 18th. Mark clearly who the quilt belongs to and if

    possible who made it. If you have a quilt stand please bring that as well for display of your quilt.

    We will have voting during the day of the quilt show. On Monday, October 22nd at 2:30pm we will have a magic show

    featuring Alan Burdick and announce the winners. To register your quilts and any questions please contact Marisa.

    In Remembrance Thanks to the Wantz family for

    the gift of a beautiful garden bench in memory of their

    beloved wife of Richard, loving mother and grandmother,

    Karen Wantz.

  • October Birthdays Farmer’s Market in Rogers ~ Saturday, October 6th at 9:30am

    This is the last outing to a Farmer’s Market for the season! Rogers is very easy access and a great deal of fun! Join us for this community event.

    In case of rain we will go on October 13th. Senior Safety Academy ~ Tuesday, October 9th at 9:30am

    This event at the Bella Vista Lutheran Church will feature several informative seminars on things like detecting fraud and other important topics.

    Lunch will be provided for all attendees. Dutch Lunch at IHOP ~ Wednesday, October 10th at 11:00am

    By your request we will enjoy a lunch together at International House of Pancakes (IHOP). One of our own residents ran one of these for 30 years in

    Little Rock, Arkansas! Join us for a great lunch and reminiscing. Grandparent Hour at D.O.C.K. ~ Friday, October 12th at 2:15pm

    This is your opportunity to enjoy very young children in their environment at 1st Christian Church of Bentonville. Sign up today!

    Bean Bag Baseball at D.O.C.K. ~ Monday, October 15th at 3:00pm Our teams of Green Ladybirds & Blue Jays are invited to do an “away” game with some of the children at 1st Christian Church.

    Expect plenty of fun and laughter on this outing! Helping Hands Shopping ~ Tuesday, October 23rd at 2:30pm

    We have enjoyed browsing the local thrift store. Join us for bargain hunting!

    October Highlights


    Marigolds are often given as a sign of warm or fierce undying love or as a way of saying that you’re content

    to be with the recipient.

    Staff Birthdays Ray Scott -

    Maintenance 10/10

    Tara Facio – Cook 10/14

    Bernice Renner 10/3

    Ralph Overstreet 10/8

    Homer Bigham 10/5

    Dick Wantz 10/3

    2018 Fall Festival Friday, October 26th

    5:30-8:00pm All our residents and families are invited to

    join us for our annual “Fall Festival”. Hayrides, campfire, s’mores brownies and more!

    A great time to enjoy the cooler days & celebrate fall!

  • Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1

    10:30am Exercise 2:30pm Craft a Fall decoration

    2 10:30am Bible Study 1:00pm Wal-Mart 2:30pm Movie 6:30pm Skip-Bo

    3 10:30am Exercise 2:30pm Bingo 6:30pm Rummikub

    4 9:45am Wal-Mart 1:00pm AVON rep/Sherry 2:30pm Wii Bowling 6:30pm Skip-Bo

    5 10:30am Exercise 2:30pm Birthday Party for 6:30pm Dick, Homer & Dominoes Bernice

    6 9:30am Rogers Farmer’s Market 2:30pm Board Games 6:30pm Movie

    7 2:30pm Gaither Music Video sing along

    8 10:30am Exercise

    2:30pm Birthday Party for Ralph 102!

    OR: Painting Class 5:00pm Olde Tyme Music

    Columbus Day

    9 9:30am Senior Safety Academy *lunch included* 10:30am Bible Study 1:00pm Wal-Mart 6:30pm Skip-Bo

    10 10:30am Exercise 11:00am Dutch Lunch at IHOP

    2:30pm Bingo 6:30pm Rummikub

    11 9:45am Wal-Mart 1:30pm Resident Council Mee