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Pictorial Meadows offers a fresh approach to meadows that has combined ecology, design and a rigorousapproach to quality. Offered as either annual or perennial meadows, our mixes contain carefully blendedseed from native and non-native species.


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    Pictorial Meadows Seed MixesTM

    2013 Catalogue

  • Based in Sheffield, UK, Pictorial Meadows brings togetherhorticulturalists, designers, ecologists, landscapers and of course ourhard working Dispatch Team.

    The Company was originally founded by Dr Nigel Dunnett and is partowned by the University of Sheffield and the environmental socialenterprise Green Estate. Benefiting from the ongoing research fromthe University and the pioneering application work of Green Estate,products and knowledge are continually evolving. Pictorial Meadowsis the Sheffield School in practice.

    As a team we are passionate about the subject and are continuallyworking on improved solutions. Our unique strength comes from ourdual role in the landscape industry. We are landscape practitionersourselves at the forefront of development tonew landscape solutions especially in

    increasingly challenging economic times.

    As a major user of our own products we have considerable vested interest in impactquality and reliability. This has driven our establishment of the seed company wherewe can control all element of bespoke design, cost and supply.

    When our mixes reach you, you will know that they are a product of years ofresearch backed by leading horticulturalists. You will know that the seed is of goodquality and that the advice we give is the product of years of observations and trials.

    About Us.2

  • Pictorial Meadows through its parent company, Green Estate Ltd, offers a complete service for successfulmeadows. Offering help with any element from site analysis, design, implementation and longer termmanagement on any scale or site across the UK, our expert Meadow Team are here to help. SatisfiedCustomers include Local Authorities, Private Landowners, Housing Associations, Schools, Friends of Parks Groups,and Visitor Attractions. For further details of these services email info@greenestate.org

    Meadow Advisory, Establishment and Management Services4

  • About Our Meadow Mixes

    Pictorial Meadows offers a fresh approach to meadows that has combined ecology, design and a rigorousapproach to quality. Offered as either annual or perennial meadows, our mixes contain carefully blendedseed from native and non-native species.

    Annual Pictorial Meadow Mixes provide the easiest, most colourful and reliable of displays. They offer the realwow factor and are suitable to use in all areas from planters and small front gardens to parks and field scalelandscapes.

    Perennial Pictorial Meadow Mixes provide an idealised impressionistic meadow . Theyare very suitable as atransition between more formal plantings and a purely natural or naturalised scheme. They are more sustainablethan annuals in the long term and offer exciting new design possibilities. They do however require much morecareful preparation and attention through to the end of their first year. After that management and maintenanceis relatively simple but well timed operations will always be critical.

    Bespoke Meadow Mixes. Work on new meadows is evolving all the time. For contract customers we offer one offand bespoke designs. You can phone for details or book on one of our summer seminars to see what's comingnext.

    Whether you own a window box or a large garden, manage a Stately Home or a Housing Estate, Pictorial Meadows will bring aromantic and enchanted countryside right to your doorstep. Designed to combine sumptuous colour and long flowering interestyour garden will also become a real haven for wildlife


  • Photos sent in by Pictorial Meadows Customers to show the versatility of use.

  • About our Best Selling Annual Mixes

    Designed to give you all the beauty of atraditional cornfield but with a much wider rangeof species providing colour from late spring intomid-Autumn

    Pictorial Meadows Annual Mixes overcome manyof the problems associated with traditionalwildflower meadows such as unreliablegermination, short flowering season, loss of colourafter mid-summer and the need to sow on lowfertile soils.

    Sow Pictorial Meadows Annual seed mixes in thespring March, April, May - and they will start toproduce superb colour displays within 8 weeks orso of sowing.

    Unlike other annual meadow mixtures, PictorialMeadows mixtures are formulated so that asone species in the mix starts to die back it isreplaced by another to give continuous everchanging displays.

    You dont need to worry about your soilconditions - just pick the colour mix you prefer- they work in all types of soil.

    The sowing rate is 2.5 - 3 grams per square metre.

    Photos above taken at the Olympic Park courtesy of Laura Cryer


  • It's wasnt just Team GB that werea success in the summer of 2012.Visitors to the Olympic Park werewowed by wonderful flowermeadow displays.

    As a Sheffield based company weare proud to introduce the PictorialMeadows "Golden Girl" AnnualMix in honour of a certain localathlete.

    Capture the memories of the eventand the look of the Olympic Parkyourself with this celebratory mix.

    Featuring various species of :Californian Poppy Eschscholzia CaliforniaAfrican Daisy Dimorphotheca SinuataGolden tickseed Coreopsis TinctorialCorn Marigold Chrysanthemum SegetumBlue Cornflower Centaurea Cyanus

    NEW - Pictorial MeadowsGolden Girl Annual Mix


  • NEW Pictorial Meadows GrandstandAnnual MixDesigned with stunning and vibrant coloursinterspersed with dramatic tall varieties this mixwowed visitors to the Olympic Park and was featurednext to what was claimed to be the worlds largestburger restaurant.

    Included in the mix are :Bishops Flower Ammi MajusLarkspur Delphinium AjacisRed Orache Atriplex Hortensisand Black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia Hirta

    NEW Pictorial Meadows Blue WaveAnnual MixThe Blue Wave mix is designed to reflect theshimmering waters of the aqua centre. It combinesdifferent shades of blue species that flower atdifferent times during the season to create a continuinglong flowering display;

    Main Species include:Cornflower Centaurea CyanusBlue Salvia Salvia Horminium BlueLarkspur Delphinium AjacisVipers Bugloss Echium Vulgare


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  • Pictorial MeadowsStandard/ClassicAnnual Mix

    The original PictorialMeadows mix, shown here inthe main picture at The EdenProject, produces stunningdisplays through until lateOctober / November,starting out with white, blues,pinks and reds, turning toreds, orange and yellow inthe autumn.

    The mix has been carefullybalanced for colour andsuccession of display.

    Components include:Shirley Poppy, Pavader RhoeasCalifornian Poppy,Eschscholzia CalifornicaCornflower, Centaurea CyanusFairy Toadflax, Linaria MaroccanaTickseed Coreopsis TinctorialRed Orache Atriplex Hortensisand Larkspur. Delphinium Ajacis

    General Height: 60cm. Late season flowering


  • Pictorial MeadowsShort Annual Mix

    A mix suited especially to more

    restricted or compact situations, but

    having the same long-flowering

    characteristics of the standard


    Components include :

    Fairy Toadflax Linaria MaroccanaRed Flax Linum Grandiflorum RubrumShirley Poppy Papaver RhoeasLove-in-a-mist Nigella DamascenaCandytuft Iberis UnbellataBlue Flax Linum Usitatissimum

    General Height: 30-40 cm.

    Late seasonflowering

    An exciting

    alternative to

    bedding plants


  • Pictorial Meadows MarmaladeAnnual MixA wonderful mix of rich tones of yellow,orange and reds. Made from a tasty recipeincluding :Corn Marigold Chrysanthemum SegetumRed Flax Linum Grandiflorum RubrumPainted Daisy, Chrysanthemum CarinatumBlack-eyed Susan, Rudbeckia HirtaCalifornian Poppy Eschscholzia Californica

    Pictorial Meadows Candy Annual MixA vibrant collection of bright sparkling coloursincluding sweet purples, playful yellows, radiantreds with a splash of wispy-whites and baby-bluesproducing stunning eye-candy effects.Main components:Tickseed Coreopsis TinctoriaFairy Toadflax Linaria MaroccanaField Poppy Papaver RhoeasCornflower Centaurea CyanusCalifornian Poppy Eschscholzia CalifornicaCorn Marigold Chrysanthemum Segetum


  • Pictorial Meadows Pastel Annual Mix

    A beautiful strawberries & cream mix of white andpink with a scattering of clear blue. Particularlyimpressive towards the end of the flowering periodwhen pink takes over from blue as the dominantcolour theme.Gently blending elements such as :

    Bishops Flower Ammi MajusCosmos Cosmos BipinnatusCornflower Centaurea Cyanusand Shirley Poppy Papaver Rhoeas

    Pictorial Meadows Contrasting Annual Mix

    A vibrant mix with a combination of orange and yellow withcontrasting blue components and smattering of reds. Photocourtesy of Telford & Wrekin Council on one of the manytraffic islands the council sow Pictorial Meadows displays eachyear.Throwing together species likeCornflower Centaurea CyanusRed Flax Linum Grandiflorum "Rubrum"Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila Insigniaand Larkspur. Delphinium Ajacis


  • Pictorial Meadows Cornfield Annual MixA carefully selected mix of pretty cornfield annuals that willflower mainly in July and August. Inc :

    Field Poppy Papaver RhoeasCornflower Centaurea CyanusScentless Mayweed Matricaria Inodoraand Corncockle Agrostemma Githago

    Pictorial Meadows VolcanicAnnual Mix

    A fiery mix of reds with some purple anda splash of gold, giving an eruption offlowers including :

    Red Clover, Trifolium IncarnatumRed Flax Linum Grandiflorum RubrumPurple Cornflower Centaurea Cyanusand Red Orache Atriplex Hortensis


  • About our Pictorial Meadows Perennial MixesPictorial Meadows Perennial Mixes are robust and reliable mixes dominat