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Gluten free pizza delivered in Lowell Massachusetts


Gluten Free Delivery

Gluten Free DeliverySo good that everyone will want it!If you or a loved one follows a gluten free or wheat free diet you probably miss having a good old fashioned hot pizza delivered to your door. Miss it no more! I am a mother of a Celiac who understands the strict quality control required in the gluten free kitchen and who makes a mouth watering pizza! I wanted to share it with my celiac neighbors in Lowell Massachusetts. Unfortunately, pizza is not a government approved food-product allowed to be sold from a residential kitchen. However, there is no regulation forbidding barter! I would be willing to trade two mouth watering medium sized pizzas for a twenty-five dollar Market Basket gift card. (Or perhaps you have something else that would be useful to me. I suggest grocery gift cards though because my four kids eat a lot!) You can call me anytime and I will, most likely, be able to deliver in less than forty-five minutes. If you would prefer to order online, I can take orders a day in advance via email. I will write back to confirm. Just state the address, date, time and the number of pizzas. Choose up to two of the following toppings:






Gluten Free Delivery: 978-667-9875