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<ol><li> 1. August 6-7, 2015 </li><li> 2. Gritty organizations are unstoppable. But the archenemy of grit is ease. Grit: why people with less talent and IQs outperform their peers. Unrelenting, long-term tenacity. Self-Awareness: Blind spots can be devastating. Statistics show that each person has about 3.4 of them, so no one is exempt. When we make decisions from a place of wounding, we remain tethered to the past and often we dont even know it. The good news is we can grow in our self-awareness. Step one is to talk to your people. Those closest to you can see what you cant see. You cannot grow in isolation. Growth in self-awareness demands input from others. Resourcefulness: Companies who grow this skill outcompete by 25%. Hybels defines this as learning agility.You need those who are quick learners, endlessly curious, enthusiastic experimenters and collaborators. Resourcefulness can be developed by putting yourself into situations that are abused, broken, dysfunctional and then staying with it to figure it out. Self-Sacrificing Love: Make your leadership personal. Love melts people and molds people into tightly knit communities that feel like family. At the root of distrust in organizations is the lack of altruistic self-serving love. Everyone in an organization takes their cues from the senior leader. Sense of Meaning:What is at the absolute core of why you do what you do. Move from success to significance. </li><li> 3. We succeed at our very best only when we help others succeed. 1. What cause do you serve with level 5 ambition? Level 4 leaders are good at getting people to follow them. Level 5 leaders are good at getting people to follow a cause.Infuse your enterprise with some purpose that goes far beyond just making money. Money is essential, but it is not the point of life. 2. Will you settle for being a good leader? Or will you grow to become a great leader? We are shifting from organizations to networks.You cant manage a network people have to follow you by choice. 3. How can you reframe failure as growth? The Dawn Wall Story Im not failing, Im growing. And that is the point of the climb. It is making me stronger. 4. How can you succeed by helping others to succeed?When were facing fear, risk, inadequacies,the response is let me help you. 5. Have you found your hedgehog? We cant predict what kind of cards well get dealt, but if you see life as a series of hands, and you refuse to leave the game, and you play every hand you get to the best of your ability, that leads to a compound effect. 6. Will you build your unit your minibus- into a Pocket of Greatness? Great leadership at the top doesnt amount to much without great leadership at the unit level. Focus on your unit. Figure out who should be in the key seats on the bus.Be rigorous, not ruthless, with your people.Take care of your people. 7. How will you change the lives of others? How will lives be better and different because you were here o this earth? Life is people. And I hope you take advantage to be useful. </li><li> 4. If theres laughter in the room, people will solve whatever problem is there, no matter how hard it is. Creativity is the new business currency.Its about solving problems. Coming up with solutions is a creative act.To come up with solutions, you need other people. Create a culture where it is safe to be honest.There is a real aura of danger around failure. Fail fast and get better. Art isnt about drawing, its about learning to see. Dont get lost in the details, think about whats going to have the greatest impact. Magic happens when theres a loss of ego in the room. The real goal of telling stories is to make the world a better place. All good artists know that you have to operate within constraints.There is a problem with being unbounded the constraint forces you to reorder. Sort what you can do. It isnt until you get to a time schedule or a budget schedule that you figure out the right things to do.You dont want to waste your energy, you have to think about whats going to have an impact. We dont have very many rules. Even the way we make our films, there isnt a lot of framework because if you do that, you fall in the path of repeating yourself. Select the team based on passion.We ask they go outside to do research.You have to go there and get something that you dont know. If you bring the thing you dont know into the film, you take it into a different level. Even if you [the viewer] dont know if its real, you can sense that its real. </li><li> 5. Does the good guy finish last or first? We lead in a connected world. There are three styles of interactions:Takers, Givers, and Matchers. Takers shirk responsibility and take credit. Givers are philanthropists. Matchers believe in quid pro quo. Givers often fail in the short run but succeed in the long run. As leaders, how do we create a culture of givers? 1.The first and most important decision you make as a leader is to hire the right people.The negative impact of a taker in the culture is double or triple that of bringing in a giver. Its more important to keep the takers out. Keep the wrong people off the bus.Theres no correspondence between agreeableness and disagreeableness and giver and taker. Disagreeable givers critical feedback that nobody wants to hear, challenge the status quo a bad user interface but a great operating system. Agreeable taker, also known as the faker, is the deadliest. Just because someone is nice to you does not mean they care about you. 2. Redefine giving:In the end, only kindness matters- adam Rifkin most connected guy on LinkedIn If you want to be a successful giver, dont be mother Teresa do more 5 minute favors. A micro loan of your time, skills, or connections.You dont have to spend 19 hours with each person. 100 hours / year, sweet spot 2-11 hours / week. 3. If you want a culture of givers, you need a culture of people who arent afraid to ask for help. If no one asks, you get frustrated givers. Encourage help-seeking. Ask for help. Give people a chance to ask. </li><li> 6. We want more love, intimacy, belonging, joy.The only path to those things is more vulnerability. We have to show up and let each other be seen by each other. What do transformational leaders share in common? 1. They do discomfort. Ive never met a powerful leader who is not ok with discomfort. 2. They have absolute emotional awareness.We are emotional people who sometimes think.You want to see behavior change,you better speak to their emotions. If you try to speak to their cognition, you will change nothing.We are not thinking beings who sometimes feel. Curiosity and lines of inquiry are the greatest tools for leaders. Ive never had a conflict I couldnt work out by asking help me understand.Curiosity is the currency of the leadership realm. As leaders, you can choose courage, or you can choose comfort.You cannot have both.The middle space,the dark space between the beginning but too far gone to turn back.Thats where leadership is born. All of the stories we make up, our worthiness as people live inside these stories.When we pretend that the hard things arent happening, the story owns us. As a leader, you dont get to write the ending of a story you dont own.The stories we keep making up every day are not true. As a leader, do you have the courage to say the story Im making up about this is this.. lets get clear. The bravest among us will always be the most broken hearted because we have the courage to love.Those of us who have the courage to engage and care will always have disappointment, and those of us who are innovative and creative enough to try new things will always know failure.The physics are straightforward. If you are brave enough, often enough, you are going to fail.There is nothing more dangerous to the critics, fear-mongers, than us because we know how to stand back up. </li><li> 7. For all the opportunities Ive been given, its my responsibility to give back. My worst day is better than some peoples best days. Companies that have more women on their teams have greater gains. The number one reason women accept a job is not money. Its meaning and purpose. Diverse teams dont make more efficient decisions.They take longer.They make more effective decisions. Diversity is hard.We have inherent biases.Were used to seeing men.We like powerful men.We do not like powerful women.We all fall into a gender bias trap. Differences, disagreements, and debates are strengths. Start asking a different question. How do we drive diversity 1. Recognize disagreement.There is false comfort in agreement. 2. To improve diversity we need to start asking a different question.When we put a team together, we ask who is the best person for the job? The best person is always someone like me.The question should be, do we have the strongest team? 3. Really live our values. Financial advisor my wife is dying can you help sent her to Sinai, she died.We value our people women are watching, millennials are watching the other story: reorged a guy and made him read his speech to his team about why its good hes fired, on vacation, with his daughter what do you think people said about the company? 4. Watch the microlessons leadership is the result of lessons.Thousands of points of feedback.We give more feedback to people like us.We give less feedback to women because were scared theyre going to cry. Story: President handing out diplomas shakes girl graduates hands, but pats the men on the back. Can you imagine all the back pats you dont get day after day. </li><li> 8. Dont live for your resume. Live for your eulogy. Dont underestimate the power of a dumb idea.You never know when a dumb idea will bring transformation. The lie of leadership: give 115%! If we leave everything on the field, weve got nothing to lead with when we get home. One of the key things we can do as leaders is to pack what we have and get out of the way. Stop having extra meetings just get out of the way. What would it mean if you led in a way where you have something left? Were not limited to scarcity.We are called to surrender. Being on empty is not a sign of a good work ethic. </li><li> 9. I realized the matred was the most important person in the room. He didnt come to work to work, he came to work to be excellent in his profession, in service delivery, in caring for the people around him. To have a great business: 1. Keep the customer. Create loyal customers. There are three types of customers. Terrorists/dissatisfied customers. Satisfied customers. Neutral. If the competitor offers a better deal, thats what they work with. Then there are YOUR customers. Loyal customers. A great organization fights for loyal customers. 2. Create new customers 3. Get as much money from your customers that you can, without losing them 4. work on efficiencies spend less than your competitors The most important thing is keeping that customer. What is customer loyalty? It means they trust you. You have developed trust thats how they become loyal. How do you develop that trust? By giving your customer what they want. The consumer wants 3 things you want the product to be defect free thats your subconscious expectation. You want timeliness. You want the people who give it to you to be nice to you and thats called service. If theyre nice to you, youll forgive the defect or the timeliness. Service starts the instant you make contact. Essentially important is the first 10 seconds. Service starts with a great greeting welcome, Im here for you. Make your eyes say I care, Im delighted youre here. The second part is caring for their needs. The 3rd part is you say farewell. Welcome, comply, farewell. Thats what the guests want. If in addition I adjust caringly to the individual, call them by name, now Im moving the customer very fast from satisfaction to loyalty. Why do we go to work? Its to create. Excellence should be part of our creation. Leading people to excellence serving them by leading them to excellence, by demanding excellence, by creating process that leads to excellence. You were the dummy that hired them.. what is your process? </li><li> 10. You are partially defined by the work you are doing and the company you are connected to. Selecting, orientation, teaching, sustaining. We have to create excellence and caring. We dont hire people, we select people. And caring is part of the profile. Thats the first process we do. We orient. CEO stands in front and says welcome. The president, the bigshot, comes and says welcome. Im very important, but so are you. Nobody can claim superiority over another human being. If theyre dishwashers, they are important human beings. As service leaders, we show that. If you dont come to work, its a disaster. If the ceo doesnt come to work, nobody will know. We orient them to our heart, our future, and then we tell them how they benefit. We are leaders. We have forfeited the right to make excuses. You dare to accomplish, you dare to lead. But where are you leading the people to? Is the destination good for all concerned? For the business, customers, employees, societies? If you can so no in one case, dont do it. We hire people to fulfill certain functions. Well, the chair on which you are sitting fulfills a function. You should hire people to help you fulfill a dream! Be part of the purpose. I set expectations, I measure it, and I dont compromise my expectations. Orientation for 3 days I explain what my job is too. Help them to accomplish the vision of the organization. 24 points in orientation if these happen, we will have a great hotel. Create value and results for our owners. Obviously, thats how you run a business. How? By creating experience to fulfill customers expectations. Deliver reliable, genuinely caring, and timely service superior to the competition. I expect superior. And I measure it. If you dont deliver it, I have to make your life miserable. With respected and empowered employees who work in an environment of belonging and purpose. We teach them the process and the function. If its important we have to repeat it. Every day. We all know what coca cola is then why do they advertise? Yesterday was number 11 if you get a complaint, you own it. If the busboy gets the complaint he can authorize up to $2000 he says forgive me, let me buy your breakfast this morning. And I will make sure your tv is fixed. We are a team speech so what, what is a team? Come to work to be part of a purpose. Youre partially defined by the work you are doing and by the reputation of the company you work for. </li><li> 11. Two human needs: the need to learn and grow, and the need to be accepted or respected or loved the way we are now. We swim in an ocean of feedback. Feedback is all of the information we have to learn about ourselves and the impact we have on others. Feedback is my relationship with the world, and the worlds relationship with me. Feedback is on the leaders struggle list 100% of the time. People all over the world struggle with feedback conversations.T...</li></ol>