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  • 1. The Background and Benefits
    By: Rlabs

2. 3. What Is A Social Media Experience
4. South Africa has about 5,3 million Internet users (10,8% of the population).
An estimated 41% of South African Internet users are on Facebook
By 2013, Internet penetration in South Africa is expectined to reach 20%
5. Reasons Why People Think Social Media Is Not For Them
6. 1. Its Just a Trend:
The first Social Network Emerged almost ten years ago and today billions of people world wide use them
7. 2. Companies cant control what people are saying:
The fact is that they never could. People already talk about your business social media just makes it easier to hear
8. 3. The only people on the Internet are kids:
In the six-month period ending July 2009, Facebook saw a 513% growth in 55 + users
The average age of Facebook users in SAis 33 Twitter and YouTube at 31
9. Social media gives you what TV never could - a chance to be engaged and engage others
10. Social Media Allows You To
Build Relationships
Generate positive word of mouth about your brand or product or service
Understand your competitive better
11. More than 1,000,000,000
Where are You?
12. 13. Social Media is About
14. Rules of engagement
Be clear about your online identity
Show interest in others and offer value
Build your reputation on a social media site or platform first before start promoting anything
Be careful. Dont say anything that could come back and bite you
15. The end