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<ul><li><p>V1.0</p><p>GETTING THINGS DONE Explained in 5 Min</p><p> Summary </p></li><li><p> How to Be Uber-Productive </p><p> Intro to Productivity Philosophy GTD</p><p>What youll learn</p><p> Getting Things Done by David Allen</p><p>Sources</p><p></p></li><li><p> By Danny Holtschke Startup, Zen &amp; Productivity Freak</p></li><li><p>A productivity system helps to make better decisions.</p><p>V1.0</p></li><li><p>Getting things done Introduced by David Allen in 2001 (book) </p><p> Has become very popular </p><p> Cult-Like status </p><p> Essence = </p><p>manage all of your lifes stuff and transform that stuff into next actions</p></li><li><p>Benefits of a productivity system Its a skill learn to be productive </p><p> Applying systems teaches you productivity </p><p> Systems create habits </p><p> Systems avoid complexity </p><p> Systems need reflection </p><p> Systems are conscious choices</p></li><li><p>5 Concrete Steps</p><p>Also shown my favourite tools for each workflow</p></li><li><p>#1: CAPTURE </p><p>The goal is to keep nothing on your mind.</p><p>V1.0</p></li><li><p>#1: Capture &amp; collectThree success factors for capturing well </p><p> get it all of your head </p><p> minimize capture locations </p><p> empty capture tools regularly</p></li><li><p>#2: PROCESS </p><p>What is the next action?</p><p>V1.0</p></li><li><p>#2: Process2-Minute Rule - Guidelines: </p><p> top item first </p><p> one at a time </p><p> never anything back into in'</p></li><li><p>#3: ORGANIZE </p><p>How to remember a next action?</p><p>V1.0</p></li><li><p>#3: OrganizeTo manage non-actionable items, use: </p><p> trash </p><p> maybe </p><p> reference</p></li><li><p>#3: OrganizeTo manage actionable items, use: </p><p> a list of projects </p><p> storage or files </p><p> next action categories </p><p> calendar: schedule reminders: list waiting for: delegate</p></li><li><p>#4: REVIEW </p><p>The weekly review is the most important next action.</p><p>V1.0</p></li><li><p>#4: ReviewCritical success factors: </p><p> Gather and process all your stuff </p><p> Review your system </p><p> Update your lists </p><p> Get clean, clear, current, and complete (Analogy: </p><p>Imagine cleaning up shortly before your holidays)</p></li><li><p>#4: ReviewWhen? </p><p> Every last Sunday of the month, pre-planning the month </p><p> Every Sunday, pre-planning the week </p><p> Every morning (or evening), pre-planning the day</p></li><li><p>#5: DO </p><p>At this point, you should always know what your next action is.</p><p>V1.0</p></li><li><p>#5: Do4-criteria for choosing actions now: </p><p> Context - done anywhere, or location-dependent or </p><p>tool-dependent (ex. Internet access) </p><p> Time available </p><p> Energy available </p><p> Priority</p></li><li><p>#5: DoEvaluate daily work via three different activities: </p><p> Doing predefined work </p><p> Doing work as it shows up </p><p> Defining your work</p></li><li><p>V1.0</p><p>Whats your experience?Have you implemented GTD once, but didn't use it </p><p>consistently? Why? What is holding you back? Send me an email</p><p></p></li><li><p>Digital Essentials - Double Your Productivity &amp; Focus Video Course based on GTD* </p><p>Stay tuned for</p><p>* The Ultimate Personal Productivity System from David Allen</p><p></p></li></ul>