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  • 1. Our unit goal is to allow students to: investigate, study, organize, question & share information about geneticallymodified foods

2. Students Brainstorm: Make a Taco Think about it:1. Ingredients are What goes into a taco? provided on front table What is it made from?2. Return to seats and Where did the tomatoes enjoy come from? Where did the lettuce come from? Where did the meat come Students will think about how from? genetics affects what theyWho is responsible for eat.getting it to us? (hint: farmers, biologists) 3. Now we read! 4. I will have slides prepared to promptdiscussions if needed. And suggest sites to visit to learn more ifthey ask! 5. Interest groups will divide and students will read, watch, and research a series ofquestions to report on.Groups will play the roles of: Entomologists FarmersImmunologists 6. There will be common questions and group questions to answer 7. Oral PresentationEach team will presenttheir findings to the class. They may useYouTube, SmartBoard,or any other method of delivery. 8. We read literature articles and discussed issues surrounding the use ofgenetically modified foodsWe recalled the central dogma of molecular biology- replication,transcription, and translationWe worked in groups to relay our common answers


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