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  • 1. Our Unit Goals:DNA, Heredity & Genetics Structure dictatesGenes & Heredity Biotechnology &function(Classical Genetics)Modern Genetics Labs/Activities Lectures/ Lectures/ Labs/ActivitiesLabs/ActivitiesFamilyLectures/DiscussionsDiscussionsPlasmid labBuild DNATree/PedigreeDiscussionsTechnologyDouble Helix Virtual modelChromonoodleHistory of DNAAplplications Central DogmaPunnett Squaresgenetics lab& EthicsStudents realize that science, including genetics, is part of theireveryday lives. Hence, the Everyday Scientist theme/narrative.Background picture from

2. Our Lab Goals:*GM vs. nonGM NOTstated for students*Identify visible and lessobvious similarities and Explain how DNA gives Visualize and label partsdifference betweenrise to physical traits.of a plant cell. groups of organisms. Begin to think about how technology and Comprehend geneticscience impact societyengineering techniques. (important part of final unit project slide#11). 3. Similarities & DifferencesPhysical Traits Size Shape Mass Color SmellPictures from MS Office ClipArt 4. Similarities & DifferencesCellularGenetic Slide prep Genome size Microscope skills Genetic manipulation Plant biology Mutations Engineering/Biotechnology Gel Electrophoresis DNA fragment size Restriction enzymesexplorations/03bio/background/molecular/media/gel_plate.htmlPicture from MS Office Clip Art /pic-75603784/stock-photo- female-researcher-loads- genomic-dna-samples-for- pcr-analysis.html 5. Students Design Spreadsheet for Data Collection 6. Students Brainstorm Ways to Analyze their DNA Samples 7. Sample Analysis: Physical Observations online/2269/gm-crops-solution-world-food- crisis 8. Sample Analysis:Retrieved on March 15, 2012 fromPicture from MS Office Clip Art 9. Possible Class ConclusionsGenes are causing different physical traits Different band patterns = different DNA Larger uncut DNA samples = genes inserted Smaller uncut DNA samples = genes deleted 10. Ethics, Society & Science: GMO Research Project Literature research Group presentationDesign GMO to Peer evaluationaddress a Rubric-based assessment problem of interest Individual work Argue both sidesPros & Cons Defend opinion Common Coreof genetics 11. Resources for the DNA, Heredity, &Genetics Unit (PDF links)


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