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Creating A Global Internet Anti-Piracy Strategy Gareth Young Senior Internet Investigator Covington & Burling LLP

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  • 1. Creating A Global Internet Anti-Piracy Strategy Gareth Young Senior Internet Investigator Covington & Burling LLP

2. Know Your Issue(s) 2 3. Goals The obvious and the not so obvious 3 Reduce piracy Increase your profitability Decrease their profitability Educate customers Improve client relationships Protect distributors Enhance negotiating position 4. Anti-Piracy: One Size Doesn't Fit All 4 Core Choose what matters most Focus A few concerted actions have more effect Dynamic Strategy needs to evolve with the threat Burst Planned expansions to the core program Experiment Dont be afraid to be creative Understand Why are the players playing Legal Escalated actions 5. The Players 5 Often more parties than you would think: o Seller o Poster o Distributor o Site Administrator o Advertising Networks often multiple o Domain Name Registrar o ISP o Link Monetisation Sites o Payment Processors o Cyberlocker / One Click Host 6. 6 Over 2000 One Click Host / Monetisation domains and growing 7. How To Review your Issue: Link Sites (as an example) What? Why? How? Issues? Options? 8. 8 Content Forum / Blog Catalogue / Index Link Site Process 9. 9 What Are Link Sites? Connect the audience to content hosted elsewhere they do not host the files themselves Diverse range of site layouts 10. 10 11. Why Do Link Sites Exist? Rapid collation and distribution of download links Safe downloading Difficult to monitor downloaders activities Easy to administer / Easy to download Cheap to run Popular! Creatures of habit, returning time and again Perceived low risk of enforcement High click-through & advertising imprints 11 12. How Do Link Sites Make Money? Pop-ups / Pop-unders Banner ads Click-throughs Donations Popularity / visibility / search ranking Affiliate schemes 12 13. Possible Issues 13 Monitoring Action Enforcement Hidden / Obscured content sources. I.P. address blocking Region Specific Laws Use of folders and CAPTCHA Non compliant choke points Resources legal and technical Use of throw-away blogs and domains Slow response to notices Court orders possibly required Law enforcement buy- in Security issues, viruses Underlying infringement removed before ISP action Volume of infringing content Search engine hacks 14. What Are Your Options? Near instant removals (Search engines, RSS, Crawlers, Catalogues) Search engine de-listing Apply pressure to one click hosts Disrupt the money Make it less fun to run and more like hard work Law Enforcement I.C.E. Referrals Work with other content owners 14 15. Covington & Burling LLP Gareth Young Senior Internet Investigator [email protected] +44 (0) 207 067 2102