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<ul><li><p>Regular Grade Paste Compound</p><p>G3 Paste</p><p>Farcla Products Ltd | +44 (0) 1920 465 041 | enquiries@farecla.com | www.farecla.com</p><p>LIT1</p><p>688 </p><p>(V1 </p><p>08-2</p><p>012)</p><p>Product Description</p><p>G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound is for use on OEM, Renish Medium Solids and Air Dried 2k paint systems (well cured).</p><p>Product Information</p><p>250g400g1kg3kg</p><p>Size</p><p>G3-250G3-400G3-1000G3-3000</p><p>Code</p><p>2412124</p><p>Ctn Qty</p><p>Technical Information</p><p>Appearance: White coloured pasteViscosity: High viscosityVOC Content: 11.2% of total product Relative Density: 1.44pH: 9.41Paint Type Compliance: MS &amp; HS</p><p> Permanent Finish Removes P1500 abrasive marks quickly and easily with no llers</p><p> Silicone FreeCan be used in bodyshops and applied nearby to where paints are used</p><p> High Gloss System Can be used with G10 Finishing Compound for an enhanced gloss nish</p><p>Key Benets</p></li><li><p>formula</p><p>Technical Info.</p><p>Place holder text xaiochjsdojcsjoscslcnlsvn kc l ks slsslcn slm sli slkncklsslk cnslinlsk lsjlcsl sclj sjl ls lksjclksjc ljn scvl jsdlk jslk ksv kl v</p><p>Related Products</p><p>Advanced Liquid Compound</p><p>Ultra</p><p>Product Information</p><p>Product CodeG3U-XXXXG3U-XXXXG3U-XXXX</p><p>Product Size450ml (xxx.oz)900ml (xxx.oz)1 gallon (xxx.oz)</p><p>Carton Quantityxxxxxx</p><p>Product Description</p><p>G3 Ultra is the fastest compound for thepermanent removal of up to P1200 sanding marksleaving a superior high gloss nish. For use on allmodern paint systems, fresh or cured includingScratch Resistant Clears.</p><p>Features &amp; Benets</p><p>Removes scratches permanently no llers no comeback from customersThe fastest system to achieve a high gloss increased throughputDry use compound no need to use water less mess and easierclean upCan be used on all modern paint systems one product for all saves moneySilicone free</p><p>Contains Advanced G3 System now oers more cut and a higher gloss nish than ever before. For sheer all-round performance on paintwork defects. Use with water.</p><p>Pro</p><p>du</p><p>ct I</p><p>ma</p><p>ge</p><p>Use With</p><p>6 Dry UseCompounding FoamG3U-XXXX</p><p>6 G3 Ultra Back PlateG3U-XXXX</p><p>Farcla Finishing clothFC-3</p><p>Farcla I Cant Believe its not WaterG3-XXXX</p><p>QR Code Fluid Dynamic Technology</p><p>CodeG3U-XXXXG3U-XXXXG3U-XXXXG3U-XXXX</p><p>G3U-XXXX</p><p>ProductUltra 450ml (xxx.oz)Ultra 900ml (xxx.oz)Ultra 1 gallon (xxx.oz)6 Dry Use Compounding Foam6 Ultra Back Plate</p><p>Ctn QtyXXXXXXXX</p><p>XX</p><p>Product Information</p><p>LIT1</p><p>688 </p><p>(V1 </p><p>08-2</p><p>012)</p><p>Use With</p><p>Machine Application Hand Application</p><p>Machine Application</p><p>Farcla Finishing ClothFC-3</p><p>Farcla Finishing ClothFC-3</p><p>How To Use</p><p>Soakcompoundinghead</p><p>SGM-14 (head)</p><p>1</p><p>Attach pad to thepolishing machine, spin o excess water and knead</p><p>2</p><p>Spread andcompound at1500 - 1800rpm</p><p>4</p><p>Wipe clean withFinishing ClothFC-3 (cloth)</p><p>5</p><p>Water SprayBottleWSB</p><p>Shake bottle or mixcompound well and apply to pador surface</p><p>G3-3000 (3kg)</p><p>3</p><p>APP</p><p>LY</p><p>ATTACH 1500 - 1800rpm</p><p>Rub product on the surface in a back and forth motion</p><p>3</p><p>Hand Application</p><p>Soak and rinse out Farcla Finishing Cloth</p><p>FC-3 (cloth)WSB (water spraybottle)</p><p>1</p><p>Shake bottle or mixcompound well and apply to clothor surface</p><p>G3-3000 (3kg)</p><p>2</p><p>Wipe clean withFinishing ClothFC-3 (cloth)</p><p>4</p><p>APP</p><p>LY</p><p>G Mop 6 Standard Compounding HeadSGM-14 (Head - 14mm thread)SGM-58 (Head - 5/8 thread)</p><p>Farcla Products Ltd | +44 (0) 1920 465 041 | enquiries@farecla.com | www.farecla.com</p><p>*It is always recommended to test on an inconspicuous area prior to general use </p><p>FACT SHEET G3 Paste page 1 A4 EMEA &amp; APAC ENG JUL 2012 LIT1688 no bleedFACT SHEET G3 Paste page 2 A4 EMEA &amp; APAC ENG JUL 2012 LIT1688 no bleed</p></li></ul>