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<ul><li><p>From our launch pad to your mouse pad </p><p>Set your sights on a distant star - and turn to the leader in desktop molecular modeling to get you there. </p><p>HyperChem Release 5 is ready to take you wherever your chemical insight is headed. With HyperChem's exceptional computation, animation and visualization tools, enhanced graphics, and custom scripting, you will quickly and effortlessly see your ideas develop into meaningful results. And open architecture means that you can create your own custom environment for analysis, reporting and more! </p><p>The chemistry is always good with HyperChem, where affordability and ease of use make the program with the best science the most accessible. </p><p>C A L L N O W T O L A U N C H Y O U R I D E A S W I T H H Y P E R C H E M R E L E A S E 5 ! C O N T A C T Y O U R H Y P E R C H E M RESELLER OR CALL US AT 1 - 8 0 0 - 9 6 0 - 1 8 7 1 </p><p>Hypercube Inc. 419 Phillip Street, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3X2 Canada Tel:(519)725-4040 Fax:(519)725-5193 URL:hnp:// </p><p>CIRCLE 1 ON READER SERVICE CARD </p><p>New in Release 5: Enhanced graphical capabilities: 3D orbitals and </p><p>transparent isosurfaces Powerful computational methods: Transition State </p><p>Search and Monte Carlo simulation Molecular database, reaction movie tools, and more! HyperChem Release 5 fully exploits the 32-bit capabilities of Windows NT and Windows 95. Also available: Chemist's Developer Kit (CD, a new lilC set of tools for interfacing your " ? r I W 1 1 1 1 " " w </p><p>applications with HyperChem. The Best Chemistry </p><p>H y p e r C h e m R e l e a s e 5. T h e B e s t g e t s e v e n B e t t e r . </p><p>mailto:Info@hyper.com</p><p>From our launch pad to your mouse pad.</p></li></ul>